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A Scene of “Horrible Barbarity”

In the spirit of the Halloween season, I present a curiously morbid story entitled “Horrible Barbarity” that circulated through a few newspapers in the spring of 1864. The article, published first by the Houston Daily Telegraph around April 30, 1864, … Continue reading

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Civil War History & the Dallas Museum of Art: The Icebergs

(A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit the Dallas Museum of Art in Texas. While wandering through the galleries, I kept finding interesting pieces of art with ties to the Civil War. Some pieces were created or … Continue reading

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The Battle of Belmont as Told in a Comic Strip

The University of the South has digitized the Polk Family Papers. While going there to find something related to Shiloh (there was not much but it’s a hard site to use) I came upon a comic strip titled Under the … Continue reading

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The Post-Shiloh Musings of General Sherman

There is little doubt that the Battle of Shiloh, April 6-7, 1862, changed not only the nature of the American Civil War, but also the trajectory of William Tecumseh Sherman’s career.  Going into the battle Sherman was working diligently to … Continue reading

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On The Eve Of War: Atlanta, Georgia

“A slight perceptible odor of Yankeedom.” This is how someone characterized Atlanta at the time of the war. The disparagement reflected the bustling business air about the city: clanking railroad cars, up-and-coming factories, thriving commercial center with plenty of merchants, … Continue reading

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“‘Tis folly to say the people must have news”: Sherman, the Press, and Our Own Culpability

In a Feb. 18, 1863, letter to his brother, Sen. John Sherman of Ohio, Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman lamented what he saw as a deterioration of American ideals. In order to defeat the Confederacy, he feared that the United … Continue reading

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“A Central Figure of Transcendingly Absorbing Interest”: The Wilkesons at Gettysburg

ECW welcomes guest author Evan Portman On July 1st, 1863,  nineteen-year-old Bayard Wilkeson and his men of Battery G, 4th U.S. Artillery arrived in Gettysburg after a twelve-mile march from Emmitsburg, Maryland. The descendent of a prominent New York family, … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 2/1-2/7/21

What’s your favorite Civil War account in a newspaper? (1860’s or veterans’ writings) Does it seem accurate or is it the inaccuracies that make it a favorite?

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Robin Hood & The Civil War: A Child’s Game? (Part 4)

Check this out! A set of children’s playing cards from the Civil War era, preserved by The Valentine Museum in Richmond. I own a debt of gratitude to fellow ECW member Bert Dunkerly for helping me track the artifact photos … Continue reading

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I’m Studying The Civil War…Which Century?

Help! I’ve spent more time looking at 20th Century sources this last weekend than 19th Century sources. But I haven’t actually left Civil War studies and eloped with another war. To explain more properly, I’m looking at Civil War memory. … Continue reading

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