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Recruiting The Regiment: The 154th New York—A Regiment That Wasn’t Meant To Be

ECW welcomes Mark H. Dunkelman I’ve spent the past sixty years tracing a Civil War regiment that wasn’t in the plans. Had certain circumstances not occurred, the 154th New York Volunteer Infantry would not have been raised—and the lives of … Continue reading

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Recruiting The Regiment: The Militia & The 2nd Maine Infantry

ECW welcomes Brian Swartz Patriotic fervor rocketed through the Pine Tree State as the 2nd Maine Infantry Regiment formed in mid-April 1861. The regiment would not have shipped so soon to Washington, D.C. without drawing upon existing militia companies — … Continue reading

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Huzzah! …And The War Came to the Yankees, Part 1

Despite the messages, threats, and concerns, brave little Fort Sumter held on. The waters were cold, the food was minimal, and information even more scarce than the food. Major Robert Anderson, garrison commander, had moved his group of Army regulars … Continue reading

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