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Civil War Medicine: Sound Medical Advice…Or Not

Antebellum medicine has an established reputation as being backwards and entrenched in archaic medical practices that often caused more harm than good. This is certainly true when considering “heroic medicine” and its use of blood-letting, leeches, and dangerous poisons like … Continue reading

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Under Fire: “Death waited often at our door”

When the invitation was given to contribute to this series on “First Experiences Under Fire” my thoughts, of course, drifted to the young soldiers with dreams of glory in combat, only to find that the battlefield wasn’t as glamorous as … Continue reading

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He Should’ve Died (But We’re Glad He Didn’t)

That’s a terrible thing to think or say. “He should’ve died.” However, with some of the medical situations during the Civil War, it’s a thought that occasionally crosses the mind of a historian. Sometimes, there was an injury or illness … Continue reading

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Southern Matrons: Civil War Women Nurses (part five)

Editor’s Note: In 2013, Virginia Bensen penned a series about female Civil War nurses. Some of those articles remain among our most read, even to this day. As sometimes happens, life got in the way for Virginia, who had to … Continue reading

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Top 15 Posts of 2013—Number 3: Civil War Nurses Series: Interesting Facts about Northern Nurses

One great misconception many people have regarding nurses in both the Union and Confederacy is that they assisted the surgeons in medical procedures. This was for the most part not the case, except in rare situations in the field. During … Continue reading

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Expectations of a Lady: Women Nurses in the Civil War—part one

part one in a series Before we examine the role of women as nurses in the Civil War, a brief literature review can help us better understand the expectations of an Antebellum lady. In 1966 Barbara Welter, in her description of … Continue reading

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Women Nurses in the Civil War: Introduction

This is the first in a series of articles about women nurses in the Civil War. Numerous scholarly books and articles have been written about women’s participation as nurses in the American Civil War. These same articles use the term … Continue reading

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