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Maine at War: February 2021

Here’s what our friend Brian Swartz was up to in February at his blog, Maine at War: February 3, 2021: The 4th Maine’s Johnnies come marching home, part 2 A local band plays an appropriate tune as the 4th Maine … Continue reading

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Please—no more Jonesboropia!

In my new book, Texas Brigadier to the Fall of Atlanta: John Bell Hood (Mercer University Press, December 2019), I coin a word, Jonesboropia, to refer to the persistent myth that the battle of Jonesboro, fought south of Atlanta on … Continue reading

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Gettysburg Off the Beaten Path: The Fahnestock Building

Part of a series. The average visitor to the Gettysburg battlefield often overlooks the town itself. While the battlefield proper is chock-full of stories and compelling sites, downtown Gettysburg contains a plethora of fascinating stories, too. From sharpshooters and barricades … Continue reading

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Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howard in the National Tribune

I’m doing a lot of reading in the National Tribune, “the premier newspaper published for Union veterans” in Washington, 1877-1943. This is thanks to 1) its availability online and 2) Dr. Richard A. Sauers’ comprehensive index to all of its … Continue reading

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The “Crime” at Pickett’s Mill

…and we have to pass over the dead Yanks of the battle field of yesterday; and here I beheld that which I cannot describe; and which I hope never to see again, dead men meet the eye in every direction, … Continue reading

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Chief Joseph: If not for Howard, “there would have been no war”

My favorite description of Oliver Otis Howard comes from historian Frank O’Reilly, who has called him “pious but vapid.” After the twin disasters that befell Howard’s Eleventh Corps at Chancellorsville and then, two months later, at Gettysburg, it’s always been … Continue reading

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Gettysburg Off the Beaten Path: Moritz Tavern

Part of a Series. Just north of the Mason-Dixon Line stands the location of Moritz Tavern. This tavern, today the home of an auto salvage yard, is where Union Left Wing commander Major General John F. Reynolds spent the last … Continue reading

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Striking out from Savannah: Uncle Billy Moves North

At the conclusion of the “March to the Sea”, Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman’s  armies spent Christmas 1864 in and around Savannah, Georgia. While his men were enjoying a hard earned rest, “Uncle Billy” was busy planning his next maneuver. Exchanging … Continue reading

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Howard on the Hill

For all the flak he gets, Oliver Otis Howard still cuts a striking figure on Cemetery Hill at Gettysburg.

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“A Common Despair”—The Slaughter of Pickett’s Mill

The experience of combat was something many veterans wished to forget. For the Union soldiers that experienced the fighting in the Hell Hole, this would be particularly true—especially the unfortunate ones who were involved in the battle of Pickett’s Mill. … Continue reading

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