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George Disney Atop Rocky Face Ridge

“I don’t think I can do this.” My voice, tense with anxiety, barely reached my husband who had already set out on the trail, leaving me in the church parking lot at the bottom of the mountain. I looked back … Continue reading

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You Have Killed Our Old Gen. Polk

In the aftermath of the debacle in the Hell Hole, General Sherman decided to move back to the railroad and press on. Johnston, meanwhile, moved south and east into a series of ridges and hills covered in dense forests, cut … Continue reading

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The Battle of Dallas: “The Massacre of Noble Men”

The situation in “The Hell Hole” was misery. To lift your head above the trench top was inviting certain death, and the stench and humidity were becoming overwhelming in the late-May heat. Twice Sherman attempted assaults, and twice they were … Continue reading

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The Battle of Stones River: “Oh, my Orphans!”

Breckenridge’s Charge Stones River National Battlefield

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