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C’mon, Cump!

In his recent, admiring biography of William Tecumseh Sherman, Brian Holden Reid terms him a “dazzling literary stylist.” Well, watch out for that razzle-dazzle, at least in Sherman’s Memoirs (1875). I am not the first to notice that in his … Continue reading

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Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howard in the National Tribune

I’m doing a lot of reading in the National Tribune, “the premier newspaper published for Union veterans” in Washington, 1877-1943. This is thanks to 1) its availability online and 2) Dr. Richard A. Sauers’ comprehensive index to all of its … Continue reading

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The “Crime” at Pickett’s Mill

…and we have to pass over the dead Yanks of the battle field of yesterday; and here I beheld that which I cannot describe; and which I hope never to see again, dead men meet the eye in every direction, … Continue reading

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An Afternoon in New Hope/Dallas

It’s a whole lot of fun speaking to audiences of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (yes, we have them down here). Monday night, in New Hope, Georgia, I addressed the Gen. William J. Hardee Camp on the subject of opus meum … Continue reading

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From the Battle of Pickett’s Mill: Last Letter Home

One hundred and fifty years ago today, as the battle of Pickett’s Mill raged a few miles to the east, 21-year-old Lt. Roderick “Roddie” Shaw of the 4th Florida Infantry quickly ended a letter to his uncle: “I leave now for … Continue reading

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From the Battle of Pickett’s Mill: The Extreme Right of the Confederate Line

A veteran of Pat Cleburne’s Division, Stan Harley of Govan’s Arkansas Brigade, recalled the Battle of Pickett’s Mill years later: “I was a member of Company C, Sixth and Seventh Arkansas Regiments (consolidated), and were in that fight from start … Continue reading

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From the Battle of Pickett’s Mill: Not War, but Butchery

The experience of Sgt. Maj. Andrew Gleason of the 15th Ohio Infantry give an intimate view into the savagery of the fighting in the ravine:

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From the Battle of Pickett’s Mill: Buckeyes on the Dead Line

In the nightmarish hell that was Pickett’s Mill, no other unit suffered like the 49th Ohio did, losing 203 men out of the 404 that plunged into the fight.

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“A Common Despair”—The Slaughter of Pickett’s Mill

The experience of combat was something many veterans wished to forget. For the Union soldiers that experienced the fighting in the Hell Hole, this would be particularly true—especially the unfortunate ones who were involved in the battle of Pickett’s Mill. … Continue reading

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