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“A Piece of Bone,” Bishop Polk, and the National Tribune

Editor’s note: Stephen Davis’ forthcoming book, The National Tribune Remembers the Atlanta Campaign, will be published next year by Savas Beatie. The National Tribune, a weekly newspaper published in Washington from 1877 to 1943, was arguably the most comprehensive repository … Continue reading

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Polk’s Resting Place

Leonidas Polk remains something of an elusive figure to military historians. He owed his high rank to his friendship with Jefferson Davis. But Polk could have risen up the officer ranks on his own. He was charismatic, well-connected, wealthy, and … Continue reading

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On Location: The Site of Leonidas Polk’s Death

On June 14, 1864, Confederate Lt. Gen. Leonidas Polk was inspecting Federal movements from atop Pine Mountain when Federal artillery opened fire on him. I went On Location, on the anniversary of Polk’s death, to the spot where he was … Continue reading

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The Road to Atlanta: Sharp Shooting

In just a little over a month’s time, the face of the war changed in both Virginia and Georgia. The war assumed much more brutal nature—unrelenting and cruel. Trench warfare seemed to now be the norm; Union rifled artillery dominated … Continue reading

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The Road to Atlanta: Pine Knob

As Butterfield’s 1st Brigade attacked the Confederate defenses at Gilgal Church, to his left Gen. John Geary advanced his XX Corps 2nd Division, the “White Stars,” against the ridge known Pine Knob, an extension from Pine Mountain. Geary, unlike Butterfield, … Continue reading

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The Road to Atlanta: The Battle of Gilgal Church

While Thomas contended with the Pine Mountain Salient, on June 15, 1864, Joe Hooker’s XX Corps was ordered forward to make a strong reconnaissance of the main Confederate line west of the Mountain. Two engagements resulted: the Battle of Gilgal … Continue reading

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You Have Killed Our Old Gen. Polk

In the aftermath of the debacle in the Hell Hole, General Sherman decided to move back to the railroad and press on. Johnston, meanwhile, moved south and east into a series of ridges and hills covered in dense forests, cut … Continue reading

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