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Artillery: Primary Source – Practical Hints For Pointing

Here’s an section from Instructions for Field Artillery (1860). Found in the chapter on “pointing and range,” this excerpt gives tips for aiming cannons and using projectiles effectively in battlefield situations, particularly against cavalry. These paragraphs give an example of … Continue reading

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An Unknown Soldier At Port Hudson

Emerging Civil War welcomes guest author Dan Wambaugh Major Edward Bacon was under arrest. Formerly commander of the 6th Michigan infantry, he had openly criticized his division commander Brigadier General William Dwight too many times during the course of the … Continue reading

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Survival at Sea: A Terrifying Voyage to the Peninsula

Emerging Civil War welcomes back guest author Rob Wilson When he volunteered for the U.S. Sharpshooters (U.S.S.S.) in 1861, George A. Marden knew well there were many ways he could perish while serving the Union cause. It’s unlikely, however, that … Continue reading

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A VMI Cadet Goes Ice-Skating

On the evening of March 22, 1864, eighteen-year-old Beverly “Jack” Stanard huddled in his cold barracks room at Virginia Military Institute, writing to his mother. That particular evening he found plenty to complain about: …Well, Mother I guess you will … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 10/30-11/5/17

What’s the most **haunting quote from the Civil War? If you feel like it, share why it is so important/memorable to you. **That quote that you just can’t forget – doesn’t need to have anything to do with ghosts, ghoulies, … Continue reading

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Voices of the Maryland Campaign: September 6, 1862

By the end of September 6, the rest of the Army of Northern Virginia waded across the Potomac River, marching towards Frederick. While the tail end of Lee’s army remained, for the moment, near the Potomac shore, its vanguard under … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 6/5-6/11/17

The Siege of Vicksburg took place during May, June, and the early days of July in 1863. Is there a particular soldier/civilian account or quote that stands out to you for its insight or irony from this siege?

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