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Question of the Week: 9/11-9/17/17

We’re enjoying Kevin Pawlak’s collection of primary sources related to the 1862 Maryland Campaign. So…we had to ask: What’s your all-time favorite primary source from the Civil War? Why?

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Voices of the Maryland Campaign: Introduction

In my years of researching and writing about the Maryland Campaign, something about the campaign has always proved an enigma.  As anyone interested in the Civil War knows, there are a lot of sources to sift through–just look at any of … Continue reading

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Those Seconds Repay Hours Of Research

Earlier this year, I arrived at a genealogy society to give a presentation on Civil War Medicine. I set up my laptop and PowerPoint, projecting my presentation cover image on the large screens. While waiting for the meeting to come … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 11/21-11/27/16

There are many primary sources that are incredibly helpful to historians…and we should be grateful for those who took the time to record their observations and thoughts. Who would you want to thank for writing a memoir, diary, letter, or … Continue reading

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Discovering Your Civil War Past: Part II

Welcome back to the next post in our Discovering Your Civil War Past.  It was great to see the diversity in all of your Civil War ancestry, from different branches of services to different armies and theaters, as well as … Continue reading

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