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On The March Through Some Civil War Lyrics

A quick survey of the music and lyrics in Irwin Silber’s book Songs of the Civil War reveals some interesting details about “marching” in Civil War culture. The following notes are not intended to be a comprehensive study, but rather … Continue reading

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Deutschen und Der Sezessionskrieg (Germans and the Civil War)

For Germans, Prussians in particular, the American Civil War presented a great teaching school in the art of mid-nineteenth century warfare. Heros von Borcke comes quickly to mind, but years afterward Der Sezessionskrieg continued to fascinate German miliary theorists. In … Continue reading

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“An Especial Prize to the Boys:” Union Soldiers and the Illustrated News (Part 2)

This is the second of two posts regarding the relationship between Union soldiers and the emerging illustrated press during the Civil War. Part 1 may be found here. Soldiers were evidently grateful to receive the illustrated weeklies. Albert O. Marshall of the … Continue reading

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