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Modern Development at Rappahannock Station

Earlier this week, Chris Mackowski highlighted the new housing development on the November 7, 1863 Rappahannock Station battlefield. Preservationists over the last decade attempted to draw attention to this possibility but could not rally enough cooperation and interest. I overlaid … Continue reading

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The Lost Line at Rappahannock Station

I had the chance yesterday to explore the former Rappahannock Station battlefield, courtesy of my ECW colleague Rob Orrison. I drive through the battlefield all the time, but believe it or not, I’ve never even realized it. Rob generously took … Continue reading

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Pontoon Bridges: Hellespont & Rappahannock

Pontoon Bridges: an engineering construction used throughout history to get armies across rivers. Prior to the First Battle of Fredericksburg, Union General Burnside delayed his forward advance toward Richmond at the banks of the Rappahannock River. The pontoon bridges he … Continue reading

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Christmas on the Rappahannock

About twenty years ago my parents bought me a Civil War painting by Ray W. Forquer. The painting, “Christmas on the Rappahannock,” has always been one of my favorites. It’s not the artistry that I love so much, but the … Continue reading

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A Sharpshooter’s Postscript to Gettysburg, Part Two: No Rest for the Weary

Part two in a series. We welcome back guest author Robert M. Wilson. When Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia began its retreat from Gettysburg and the Army of the Potomac, under command of Maj. Gen. George G. … Continue reading

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Showing the White Feather”: The Civil War Ordeal of Col. William H. Christian

We are happy to welcome guest author Kristen M. Trout. Kristen is a life-long student of the Civil War,  and holds a degree in History from Gettysburg College and is currently working towards her MA in Nonprofit Leadership from Webster University … Continue reading

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Picket Duty Along the Rappahannock

Here’s a glimpse of life along the Rappahannock River 153 years ago today. The account comes from John Weiser of the 130th Pennsylvania Infantry, who’d stood picket duty that day along the riverbank in front of the Lacy House (Chatham), opposite … Continue reading

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The Rappahannock

by Jason Klaiber, ECW Correspondent One hundred and fifty two years ago today, the Union army made a harrowing crossing over the Rappahannock River as it prepared to do battle in Fredericksburg. Now, a new documentary, Rappahannock, takes a fresh … Continue reading

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Coffee in the Civil War

Today, we are pleased to welcome guest author Ashley Webb. If you’re like me, every morning, I wake up and have a cup of coffee (or two or three). Coffee was also an essential part of a Civil War soldier’s … Continue reading

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Rappahannock Rising

A week of rains has sent the Rappahannock River over its banks in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area. I can’t help but think of Brig. Gen. George Stoneman. One-hundred and fifty-one years ago, Stoneman, in charge of the Federal cavalry, was charged with raiding … Continue reading

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