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The Other Rock of Chickamauga?

One of the joys of research is turning an unexpected corner to find out something new. That happens every so often, and when it does, I always get a little buzz of excitement. Most recently, that buzz came when I … Continue reading

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“Not written in letters of blood.”

Edwin M. Stanton to Major General William S. Rosecrans, July 7, 1863: “We have just received official information that Vicksburg surrendered to General Grant on the 4th of July. Lee’s army overthrown; Grant victorious. You and your noble army now … Continue reading

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The man in the corner…

Colonel Anson Stager is not exactly a household name, even to many students of the Civil War. If your reading has taken you into the arcana of military codes, or if you are a fan of late 19th Century industrialization, … Continue reading

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Hardtack & Matzah

My Spring Break starts today. It isn’t politically correct to say “Easter” any more, so “Spring” will have to suffice. I thought a short column on Easter and the Civil War might be interesting, but it turns out Easter was … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 1/25-1/31/16

Today’s Question of the Week comes from Chris Kolakowski: John Palmer once said that if he had to fight one battle of dominion of the universe, he’d give Rosecrans command of as many men as he could see and who … Continue reading

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Why Garfield?

I bought a book the other day. For me, I could say that almost any day of the year, because, well, I buy a lot of books. I love the things. This book caught my eye because it was about … Continue reading

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