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Santa in Camp

One of my Christmas traditions is to read The Battle for Christmas by Stephen Nissenbaum – a fine book by a great historian.  But this season, I have been enjoying Santa Claus: A Biography by Gerry Bowler.  A cultural historian … Continue reading

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Santa’s November Dress-Rehearsal for Christmas

While you might be familiar with the famous image of Santa Claus on the cover of the  January 3, 1863, issue of Harper’s Weekly, you might not be familiar with the image of Santa that appears inside that same issue. … Continue reading

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Coal from Confederate Santa, Christmas 1864

December 25, 1864 was greeted throughout the south without much of the joy and celebration that typically marks the Christmas season. Confederate armies were on the retreat from lost strongholds or huddled behind the cold, earthen walls that protected the … Continue reading

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Drawing the War, Part 5: Thomas Nast

Part five in a series. Uncle Sam? Santa Claus? Lady Columbia? The Republican Elephant? The Democratic Donkey? All of these images of America have the same source, Thomas Nast, cartoonist extraordinaire (and functional illiterate) for Harper’s Weekly. Born into a … Continue reading

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With Thoughts of Santa on Christmas Eve…

On this Christmas Eve, with thoughts of Santa Claus on the minds of boys and girls and those who are young of heart, Emerging Civil War has put in a word with ol’ St. Nick to include all of you … Continue reading

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Yes, Billy, There Is a Santa Claus. No, Johnny, He Isn’t Going to Run the Blockade

We know that the Thanksgiving Presidential Turkey Pardon is a product of the American Civil War, as is the Proclamation that the fourth Thursday in November should be the official date for the holiday, but Santa Claus? In short, yes! … Continue reading

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