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Question of the Week: 8/22-8/28/22

In your opinion, what are the turning point moments of the Second Bull Run (Manassas) campaign and battle?

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“The day long remembered:” Remembering Bull Run

ECW welcomes guest author Anthony Trusso On July 21, 1861, the two largest armies ever fielded on the North American continent to that point engaged in the Battle of First Bull Run. By the end of the day, nearly 900 … Continue reading

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From The ECW Archives – Why Do We “Forget” Second Bull Run?

Since it’s a battle anniversary day of the fights at Second Bull Run, we found a post in our archives. In 2012, Chris Mackowski shared his thoughts about why Second Manassas is often overlooked. We hope you enjoy this article … Continue reading

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From The ECW Archives: General Ewell’s Wound At Groveton

In 2015, Phill Greenwalt published research about Confederate General Richard Ewell’s injury during the Battle of Groveton, which was an opening engagement of Second Bull Run. Since it’s that battle anniversary day, here is a re-run of that original blog … Continue reading

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Small Business Saturday

If you are looking for a great holiday gift, and to support a small business, think of Emerging Civil War this Small Business Saturday. Our early-bird pricing of just $110.00 is still available for tickets for the Fourth Annual Emerging … Continue reading

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