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Question of the Week: 5/21-5/27/18

You may have noticed American Battlefield Foundation’s recent videos from Vicksburg and Chris Mackowski’s on-site participation in these educational tours. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about the Siege of Vicksburg? (At any time, not limited to the recent … Continue reading

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Scenes from Vicksburg (postscript)

part of a series After my two and a half days in Vicksburg, I’m safely ensconced back home in the heart of the Eastern Theater of the Civil War. But wow, what a time I had. I had a few … Continue reading

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Turning Point: Assault on Battery Wagner by the 54th Massachusetts

Around a small hamlet in southern Pennsylvania, Robert E. Lee’s vaunted Army of Northern Virginia was stymied and driven back after three days, July 1st through the 3rd, of bloodletting at the Battle of Gettysburg. A turning point in the … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 7/3-7/9/17

In your opinion, did Gettysburg or Vicksburg have the largest impact on the Civil War? Or are they inseparable in the outcome?

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Question of the Week: 6/5-6/11/17

The Siege of Vicksburg took place during May, June, and the early days of July in 1863. Is there a particular soldier/civilian account or quote that stands out to you for its insight or irony from this siege?

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Matt Atkinson: A Tale from the Siege of Vicksburg

We’re just about two months away from the Fourth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge (Aug. 4-6). We’ve asked each of our speakers to share with us a story related to the topic they’ll be presenting as part … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 9/26-10/2/16

Would you consider Vicksburg a combined campaign? How dependent was General Grant on the naval forces of Admiral David D. Porter?

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The Stakes of Vicksburg

On April 30, and May 1, 1863, Union Major General U.S. Grant crossed his Army of the Tennessee over the Mississippi River south of Vicksburg. He then cut loose from his supply sources and plunged inland to surround the city … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: Pemberton’s HQ in Vicksburg

Considering how little John Pemberton wanted to be in Vicksburg, it’s a small wonder anyone would want to go there to visit him. Yet even today, his headquarters remains open for visitation a century and a half after the fall … Continue reading

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From Raymond to Vicksburg: In the Footsteps of an Illinois Battery

A few weeks ago I was looking through the pictures that I took on the Western Tour Chris Mackowski, his daughter Steph and I did in May. As I progressed through the pictures of the Raymond battlefield and at Vicksburg, … Continue reading

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