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McClellan’s Brother

The official reports from the Sixth Corps are woefully incomplete for the 1864 Overland Campaign. Many officers waited until the fall to write and by then the entire organization had seen significant change, eliminating any chance for full reports. After … Continue reading

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Dinner with Charles Gould and Horatio Wright

I am always amazed at the amount of source material that is out there for historians who are willing to mine the depths of the treasure troves at our disposal. I had keyword searched “Fort Welch” on Newspapers.com in hopes … Continue reading

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The Wedge to Split the Confederacy

Sneak preview of my presentation at the Emerging Civil War Symposium later this summer. Click on the map for a larger version.  

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Like Sheep

The use of cliché is prevalent in Civil War combat narratives. Every attacking force, by their description, always had to charge through “a hail of grape and canister.” This was repeated ad nauseam regardless of whether or not there was … Continue reading

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Recollections from a New York Cavalryman

May 29, 1864 was a day of consolidation for the Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia. Each side maneuvered into positions facing each other along Totopotomoy Creek. There was also little rest for the tired troopers … Continue reading

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Calling on Charlie

Every Memorial Day weekend I make the short pilgrimage to Poplar Grove National Cemetery in Petersburg to pay my respects at the grave of Captain Charles Carroll Morey, 2nd Vermont Infantry. Reading Charlie’s correspondence with his family during the war … Continue reading

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Palmetto Sentinels

The spring rainfall has covered the central Virginia forests with a lush vegetation that unfortunately obscures many of the physical features that define a battlefield. In attempt to restore some of these viewsheds, I undertook a recent project to clear some … Continue reading

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A General Remembered: Lew Wallace after the Battle of Monocacy

A guest post by Ryan Quint, part three of a series. After his defeat at the Battle of Monocacy, Major General Lew Wallace retreated back towards Baltimore. His force, badly outnumbered by Confederate troops under the command of Lieutenant General … Continue reading

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A Leg for Anse to Walk On

Despite all the horrors of Civil War combat, many soldiers feared a visit to a place even more loathsome than the battlefront—the field hospital. Given adequate time, a skilled doctor could perform complicated surgery to extract bullets or repair damage, but … Continue reading

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The Federal Charge at Rappahannock Station, 150 Years Ago

On the evening of November 7, 1863, two Union brigades commanded by Colonels Peter C. Ellmaker and Emory Upton seized Confederate rifle pits on the Rappahannock River protecting the vital crossing of the Orange & Alexandria Railroad. Their success eliminated … Continue reading

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