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Symposium Spotlight: Goals of the Confederacy’s European-Built Ironclad Fleet

With less than three months remaining until our symposium, several of our authors will further explore topics relating to their ‘What If’ theme. Today, Neil Chatelain explores why the Confederacy wanted to build ironclads in Europe… A few weeks back … Continue reading

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Blockade, Privateering, and the 1856 Declaration of Paris

In April 1861, the commanders in chief of both the United States and Confederacy issued far ranging proclamations. Abraham Lincoln declared a blockade of Confederate ports while Jefferson Davis issued a call for privateers to make war on US seaborne … Continue reading

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George N. Hollins’ Fall From Grace

Circumstances change amidst battle and combat leaders often have great discretion in carrying out orders. The maxim of marching to the sound of the guns comes to mind, especially during the US Civil War. Commanders were often praised for following … Continue reading

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Book Review: Storm Over Key West

Storm Over Key West: The Civil War and the Call of Freedom By Mike Pride Pineapple Press, 2020, $26.95 Reviewed by Jon-Erik Gilot A few months before the COVID pandemic hit I had the opportunity to travel to Key West, … Continue reading

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Ironclad Superweapons of the Civil War: USS Monitor and CSS Virginia

The clash of the ironclads USS Monitor and CSS Virginia in Hampton Roads on March 9, 1862 is considered a revolutionary event in naval warfare, but neither vessel quite lived up to the ambitious expectations of its sponsors. On a hot … Continue reading

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Sailors, Diplomats, Tycoons and the Campaign to Control California’s Gold in the Civil War

Today, we are pleased to welcome back guest author Neil Chatelain As massive operations spread across the United States during the Civil War, a secret and ever-important campaign was being waged at sea. This was not ironclad warships battling one … Continue reading

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Archibald Wilson’s Infernal Submarine Armor

Today, we are pleased to welcome guest author Neil Chatelain It was pelting rain across the Richmond-Petersburg siege lines on March 31, 1865. General Robert E. Lee’s attack against Fort Stedman had failed only days before and General Ulysses Grant … Continue reading

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Civil War in Paradise

In mid-January I spent a long weekend in Key West. I enjoyed the food, music, and atmosphere of a truly great town, and also saw some of the place’s interesting historic sites.  What really surprised me was the Civil War … Continue reading

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World on Fire

Today, we are pleased to welcome back guest author Dwight Hughes. This post is based on a forthcoming book on the CSS Shenandoah. In the cool dusk of Sunday, 2 April 1865, Abraham Lincoln sat with Rear Admiral David Porter … Continue reading

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