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Book Preview: The Atlanta Daily Intelligencer Covers the Civil War

Look what our colleague Steve Davis has on the horizon: a book co-authored with Bill Hendrick about one of the South’s most important war-time newspapers.

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The “Emerging Civil War Series” Series: A Long and Bloody Task and All the Fighting They Want

The Romans had a phrase: Brevitas aurea est, “shortness is golden.” (Well, they really didn’t, but amo Latinam, so I make these things up as I go along.) As an Atlanta Campaign guy, I join countless others in esteeming Albert … Continue reading

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From the Editor: A Follow-Up to a Review of The Civil War Battles of Macon

It’s been a while since ECW has published a barn-burner of a post, but Book Review Editor Steve Davis’s piece yesterday on Niels Eichhorn’s The Civil War Battles of Macon seems to have lit some fires. We take a “big … Continue reading

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Steve Davis to Serve as ECW’s New Book Review Editor

Emerging Civil War is pleased to announce that we are reinvigorating our book review services for readers. Toward that end we have acquired the services of Stephen Davis, of Cumming, Ga., as ECW Book Review Editor. Over the years Steve … Continue reading

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“Best Little Book on Barnard”

Historical Publications LLC of Charleston, S.C. is proud to announce publication of its new paperback, 100 Significant Civil War Photographs: Atlanta Campaign author by our own ECWer Stephen Davis. Steve writes that Mathew Brady, Alexander Gardner and Timothy O’Sullivan are … Continue reading

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ECW Podcast “The Atlanta Campaign” Is Now Available

155 years ago, the Atlanta Campaign was well underway. In the newest Emerging Civil War Podcast episode, Chris Mackowski and Steve Davis–author of a number of works on the campaign–talk a bit about leadership, strategy, and some great stories from … Continue reading

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Black Bess (Re-)Visited

Last week, Steve Davis shared with us the story of “Black Bess,” John Hunt Morgan’s mare that was turned, by a sculptor’s whim, into a stallion. Because of Steve’s post, I decided to seek out the Morgan statue in Lexington, Kentucky, … Continue reading

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In the Critic’s Corner: Scholarly Interest in Confederate Nationalism

As part of our series with Civil War News, ECW is pleased to spotlight the work of our very own Steve Davis, a regular (and voluminous) contributor to the paper. Steve also gave us a peek at his work back in April … Continue reading

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Extra! Extra! Civil War News!

Over the previous year, Emerging Civil War has enjoyed a growing partnership with Civil War News, the monthly current events newspaper for the Civil War community. Since taking over the paper a couple years ago, owner/editor Jack Melton has been … Continue reading

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The Question of Hood and the Army of Tennessee: “Far Better” or “Far Better?”

“Punctuation acts as signposts to help your reader understand how to read your writing,” I tell my students. Many of the first-year writers I teach are still coming to grips with just how important good punctuation is—and how subtle and … Continue reading

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