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Battlefield Markers & Monuments: Jackson at Chancellorsville

In early 1887, as fans of Union General John Sedgwick prepared to raise a monument to him at the Spotsylvania Court House battlefield, local residents got to wondering about erecting a monument of their own to a fallen Southern general. … Continue reading

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A Place for Historical Fiction: Savas Beatie Tests the Waters

Really? Savas Beatie published a novel? No way! . . . and then I talked to publisher Ted Savas. The following is an interview concerning the publication of Six Days in September, a novel of Lee’s army in Maryland, 1862.

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The Picture Over the Door: N. C. Wyeth Illustrates the Civil War

Growing up, our neighbors had a print hung over the door that led into the hallway of their brick bungalow in Oklahoma City. I was pretty young, and not very tall, but I could see the image in the old, … Continue reading

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Jackson Flank Attack Ground Saved

The Central Virginia Battlefield Trust has worked hard over the years to help in the effort to preserve the ground in which Stonewall Jackson’s famous flank attack made history in May 1863. Their most recent announcement shares the great news … Continue reading

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Statues of Stonewall: Charlottesville 2017

Perhaps you remember this image from my “Statues of StonewallStatues of Stonewall” series: the Stonewall Jackson monument in Charlottesville, Virginia. On August 12, a white supremacist rally in the city—organized to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. … Continue reading

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Voices of the Maryland Campaign: September 16, 1862

All of the eyes watching the campaign in Maryland now focused in on the two armies facing off along the banks of Antietam Creek. As more time wore on from the last fight two days prior at South Mountain, more … Continue reading

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Voices of the Maryland Campaign: September 15, 1862

As the heavy morning fog lifted, the trapped Federal garrison, helplessly huddled in its defenses, looked around and saw Confederates everywhere–in front, on either side and behind them. When Mother Nature dissipated and exposed the Union soldiers, the cordon of … Continue reading

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Stonewall’s Sabbath School

Today, we are pleased to welcome back guest author Michael Aubrecht Throughout the 1800s, the South’s practice of slavery caused a great contradiction among many southern slave holders. The master-slave relationship was fraught with emotional and moral contradictions. This dilemma … Continue reading

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Mexican-American War 170th: Mexico City’s Gates

Chapultepec had fallen, leaving the fortress walls slick with human gore. As the Americans stopped to take stock in what they had captured, Maj. Gen. John Quitman was figuring what else he could do. Quitman, a New York born former … Continue reading

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Mexican-American War 170th: The Storming of Chapultepec

The American artillery roared. Mortars thumped, arcing shells over the castle’s walls. As a heavy cloud of smoke formed around the muzzles of the cannon and mortars, Winfield Scott kept a close eye on the shelling’s effect. Scott’s target was … Continue reading

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