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Written Words: “The General Died”

The casket was closed. Upstairs, Dr. McGuire and some of the other officers slept – or pretended to slumber. The candle flickered. He paced across the room and back, his boots echoing hollowly. General Lee knew. The Virginian governor knew. He … Continue reading

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Returning Yell for Yell: The Rebel Yell’s Antebellum Origins

Today, we are pleased to welcome guest author Matthew Guillen. The Rebel Yell was much romanticized during and after the war. Despite the popular belief in the Yell’s death with the death of the Confederacy, it also enjoyed wide currency … Continue reading

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Who is Your Civil War Battlefield MVP?

Over the weekend I had the English Premier League on in the background while I was writing and taking care of some stuff around the house. Friday and Saturday nights I watched the Norfolk Admirals play the Manchester Monarchs in … Continue reading

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The Army of Northern Virginia’s Great Winter Battles

Since nearly half of the authors at Emerging Civil War are snowed in this weekend, and all of us at the site have been living with the great debate of the week—over canonizing Lee and Jackson, or hanging them from … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Stonewall Jackson

Today is Stonewall Jackson’s birthday—his 192nd. If he were here to witness all this Lee-Jackson hoopla, no doubt he’d say, “Wow, I’m really old.” We’ve had quite the Lee-Jackson Lovefest this week here at ECW. We’ll round out our week’s … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Lee-Jackson Day

The weather could not have been more beautiful in Lexington, Virginia, on Saturday morning as hundreds of Confederate devotees gathered for the annual Lee-Jackson Day commemoration. The day itself—still observed as a legal holiday in parts of Virginia—falls on January … Continue reading

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Civil War Echoes: The Desert War I

75 years ago today, the German high command decided to send a contingent of German troops to North Africa to bolster Italian forces that had suffered a series of defeats at the hands of the British. This contingent fell under … Continue reading

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The Winchester Photograph: Portrait of A General’s Character

Today, we are pleased to welcome back guest author Sarah Kay Bierle There were only two photos of General “Stonewall” Jackson taken during the war. One photograph was made during April 1863, shortly before his final battle at Chancellorsville and … Continue reading

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Haunted By History

The chill of Hallowe’en is in the air, even in California. I always try to do something special here for one of my favorite holidays. This year’s offering is inspired by Tiya Miles’ new book Tales from the Haunted South: … Continue reading

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Maryland, My Maryland

Today, we are pleased to welcome back guest author Sarah Kay Bierle Part two in a series Growing up in Virginia and Maryland and attending both northern and southern schools, Henry K. Douglas could have fought for either side. He … Continue reading

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