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A Comprehensive View of the Overland Campaign, Part II

Part of a Series Through sanguine fighting at the Battle of the Wilderness, the Army of the Potomac had just won a strategic victory against their longtime nemesis, the Army of Northern Virginia.  After Ulysses Grant took the initiative from … Continue reading

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Sheridan or Jackson?

While Chris and I were out on the battlefield the other day, we got to wondering what would happen if General Philip Sheridan and General Thomas Jackson met on the battlefield in 1864? This scenario had never been brought up … Continue reading

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Two Distinct Legends: George Washington and Robert E. Lee

Understanding who did, or did not, influence General Robert E. Lee allows historians tobetter comprehend his military and command decisions. The problem is misperceptions can get passed down through the generations. Many Lee advocates and critics would agree with Michael … Continue reading

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Lincoln Develops a More Modern Command System – Part 2: Frustration to Breakthrough

Emerging Civil War welcomes back JoAnna M. McDonald (This piece follows the introductory reminder of wars and republics and Part 1: Growing Pains) Thus far, in the first fourteen months, President Abraham Lincoln’s command systems had failed to generate success … Continue reading

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Let Us Reason Together

ECW welcomes back JoAnna M. McDonald Several weeks ago, Chris Mackowski asked if I would be interested in contributing to the Emerging Civil War blog, and, if so, what type of articles would I offer. As a student of the … Continue reading

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