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Dinner with Charles Gould and Horatio Wright

I am always amazed at the amount of source material that is out there for historians who are willing to mine the depths of the treasure troves at our disposal. I had keyword searched “Fort Welch” on Newspapers.com in hopes … Continue reading

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The Demotivational Colonel Hubbard?

After receiving orders on April 1, 1865, to assault the Confederate entrenchments at Petersburg the following morning, Col. James Hubbard assembled the officers of his 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery regiment, then serving as infantry, to brief them on the pending … Continue reading

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The Wedge to Split the Confederacy

Sneak preview of my presentation at the Emerging Civil War Symposium later this summer. Click on the map for a larger version.  

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Like Sheep

The use of cliché is prevalent in Civil War combat narratives. Every attacking force, by their description, always had to charge through “a hail of grape and canister.” This was repeated ad nauseam regardless of whether or not there was … Continue reading

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Had He Lived

Every Memorial Day I give a program reflecting on the soldiers killed during the Breakthrough. There are dozens of compelling stories from which to choose for the Federals, but I have only been able to identify photographs or backstories for … Continue reading

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Tattooed in Lieu of Dog Tags: The Identity of Capt. B. Frank Hean

New Years Day, 1896. The Melbourne, Australia suburb of St. Kilda. A man enjoying a beachside walk noticed a body lying beside the road, a glittering object clasped in its right hand. Walking over he found the man bleeding from … Continue reading

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One Medal of Honor Too Many at the Breakthrough

There are a few corrections I would make to a revised version of Dawn of Victory: Breakthrough at Petersburg. Consider this a “setting the record straight” in the case of Sergeant Wesley Gibbs, 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery, who was a deserved … Continue reading

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Discovering Long Lost Earthworks

I spent many summer vacation evenings during high school playing baseball in my friend Scott’s backyard. The field had tiny dimension so we used a wiffle bat and wrapped duct tape around a wad of cotton for the ball. Hitting … Continue reading

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Don’t Trust the Lines on a Map: My Trek through the Headwaters

This past summer I worked on creating an extension off our current Headwaters Trail at Pamplin Historical Park. This peaceful walk at the back end of the park has a supplemental brochure that highlights the interaction between the park’s land … Continue reading

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“A Mosquito Fighting an Elephant”: A Carolinian’s Recollection of the Breakthrough

I found it challenging while writing Dawn of Victory to not slant my narrative too largely toward the Federals. This was largely the result of a paucity in material from the southern perspective. Many Confederate officers did not see the purpose in … Continue reading

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