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On The March: General Barlow & “Cowards, Stragglers and Shirkers”

Mentioning Union General Francis C. Barlow gets a variety of reactions in the in-person setting or in virtual space. Over the years, I’ve made mental notes of the typical responses: Something about Barlow’s debacle at Gettysburg on Day 1 Some … Continue reading

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Favorite Soldier Memoirs

In his self-published book An Epic on “Old Abe,” The War Eagle (The War Eagle Book Association, 1894), S. C. Miles, a veteran of the 8th Wisconsin, extolled the virtue of first-person accounts of the war. Such accounts required “no … Continue reading

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Ending The War: “That’s Meade!”

Many accounts of Appomattox focus on Grant and Lee, but Theodore Lyman left a fascinating record the Army of the Potomac’s commander on April 9, 1865. Lyman had reached out to General George G. Meade in August 1863, requesting to … Continue reading

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An 1863 Staff Ride with the Russians?

Over the holidays, I had a couple of long flights which is the perfect opportunity to catch up on reading. One of the books I had “gifted myself” for Christmas is the edited letters of Theodore Lyman who served on … Continue reading

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A View of the Heavens

Last week, I shared an account from Theodore Lyman, a member of George Gordon Meade’s staff. One of the things I enjoy about Lyman’s writing is that he’s an excellent stylist. His writing is colorful and evocative. Take, for example, … Continue reading

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“Lie still and lie still”

Back in June, I shared an account from a Confederate soldier in the Vicksburg trenches who complained about being bored. Recently, while doing some reading about the Mine Run Campaign, I came across an account from Theodore Lyman, a member … Continue reading

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Tuesday on the Trail

Tuesday started out as many days ‘on the Trail.’ I was up and out early, before sunrise, and under caffeinated I hit the interstate. The podcast I had on wasn’t helping to wake me up and decided that latest Jane’s … Continue reading

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The AoP Settles into Winter Camp, 1863

As the Army of the Potomac settled into its winter quarters around Brandy Station and Culpeper in December 1863, Lt. Col. Theodore Lyman—George Gordon Meade’s aide-de-camp—toured the camps with the Army of the Potomac’s chief of staff, Andrew A. Humphreys. … Continue reading

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Swelling the Ranks for Review

In mid-November 16, 1863, with Army of the Potomac commander George Meade in Washington to consultation with the president and War Department, it fell to VI Corps commander Maj. Gen. John Sedgwick to serve as the army’s temporary commander as it … Continue reading

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Kilpatrick’s Deficiency in Judgment

Theodore Lyman, Maj. Gen. George Gordon Meade’s aide-de-camp, offered an interesting observation about part of the Federal cavalry on this date in 1863. The Army of the Potomac was cautiously advancing out of its protected position in Centreville, Virginia, where Robert … Continue reading

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