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West Coast Civil War Round Table Conference 2019 Crashed by ECW

November 8-10 was the 2019 West Coast Civil War Round Table Conference. This year it was held in Sacramento, California. I had attended them for years, only taking a break when I was out-of-state. Now I go again. Besides, I … Continue reading

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Bad Hats: A Look at CNN’s Take on the Election of 1860

I could hardly wait for it! One of my favorite historical happenings was getting its own hour in prime time on CNN’s The Race To the White House, and I thought, “About time, too!” There is simply no more interesting, … Continue reading

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. . . and the Great State of Illinois . . .

Thursday evening, on through the night, and into Friday morning was a huge time for Judge David Davis. He sent everything and every one he had to talk to delegates. Plans were laid and promises were made that were absolutely … Continue reading

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Days Of Wine & Politics!

Yesterday’s post, “WeedPAC & the FOS,” introduced the players in the events of the 1860 Republican National Convention in Chicago. Each man, in his own way, worked to elect Abraham Lincoln, but it was by no means an easy task. … Continue reading

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WeedPAC & the FOS (Friends of Seward)

Lincoln’s greatest challenge in Chicago was the U. S. senator from New York, William Seward. Experienced, and well financed by the nascent “machine” of Thurlow Weed, the leading New York political operative, Seward seemed to be the most qualified candidate … Continue reading

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