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Pearl Harbor and the Gettysburg Address

December 7, 1941. “Day which will live in infamy,” according to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In the weeks and years of war following the attack on Pearl Harbor and the United States official involvement in World War II, a wave … Continue reading

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Lost Shoes: A Historical Perspective

Missing shoes. Symbols of a hurried movement or a panic. Symbols left behind when the person has vanished suddenly from the scene. In Civil War history, lost shoes are often associated with New Market’s battlefield even though it was not … Continue reading

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Podcast Additional Resources – “General Douglas MacArthur: Ties To the Civil War”

Hey, did you catch the update that we have another FREE podcast episode for you this month? That’s right. It released last week, and you’ll get to listen in on a great discussion with Chris Kolakowski and Chris Mackowski as … Continue reading

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“Ever Forward”: The 116th Virginia Infantry & D-Day

On June 6, 1944, Allied soldiers waded ashore under enemy fire, battling to establish five beach-heads on the Normandy coast of Nazi-occupied Europe. Omaha Beach – one of the code-named stretches of shoreline assigned to U.S. troops for capture – … Continue reading

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