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Family Reconstruction

ECW welcomes back Katy Berman… The July 20, 1865 edition of Vermont’s Rutland Weekly contained the following item:[1] It is a remarkably friendly account of a native son who fought against his schoolfellows in the late war. No bitterness is … Continue reading

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The “Mythical” Martin Scott

Emerging Civil War welcomes back Frank Jastrzembski Not many army officers serving in the U.S.-Mexican War had as much respect and experience as Lt. Colonel Martin Scott of Vermont. Scott established a solid reputation over three decades of army service for … Continue reading

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Poor George Stevens

Emerging Civil War is pleased to welcome back guest author Frank Jastrzembski In his book Two Wars (1901), Confederate General Samuel G. French still remembered clearly the tragic demise of a classmate and friend. Lieutenant George Stevens was not yet 25 … Continue reading

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Visiting Pamplin Park on the Road to Appomattox

For anyone following Lee’s retreat and Grant’s pursuit this week, be sure to start your run at Pamplin Park, where Federal troops first broke the Confederate line. While the anniversary of the breakthrough was April 2, it’s worth a stop … Continue reading

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“This city is now in the possession of the Confederate States of America”: The Raid on St. Albans, Vermont

On October 15, 1864, two men arrived in the town of St. Albans, Vermont and checked into a hotel named the American House. They appeared to be unassuming, but the two were the vanguard of some twenty others, all who … Continue reading

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“Confederates in Vermont!”

When Confederate raiders materialized in St. Albans, Vermont, Principal Dorsey Taylor watched in dismay from a high-windowed perch in the brick schoolhouse. Taylor did his best to keep his students safely in their classrooms, but dozens of them congregated in … Continue reading

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Jonesin’ for a Civil War battlefield fix

I have a confession: It’s been almost two months since I’ve been on a Civil War battlefield, and I am getting antsy. My travels this summer have taken me far and wide, so I’ve seen a lot of cool stuff: … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day

Camp near White Oak Church, Va. May 9, 1863 It is difficult to realize in the time of an action, the extreme peril one’s life is in. Death there seems of less consequence than anywhere else, one gets so used … Continue reading

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