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BookChat with Judkin Browning and Timothy Silver, authors of An Environmental History of the Civil War

I was pleased to spend some time recently with a new book by historians Judkin Browning and Timothy Silver. Drs. Browning and Silver are professors at Appalachian State University, where Browning is professor of military history and Silver is professor … Continue reading

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“They Call This War a Cloud Over the Land”

Politically, one might think that climate and weather have only become a topic of interest lately. After all, 19th-century science was not very reliable, and a person could not control the weather. Everyone knew that. But could a war affect … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 10/15-10/21/18

In your opinion, which battle did the weather most decisively became a particular enemy or ally for the Union or Confederates?

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A Rainy Day at the Bloody Angle, 153 Years Later

Iv stood today at Spotsyvlania’s Bloody Angle, at the site of the 22-inch oak tree felled by small-arms fire. Rain fell, as it did on this date in 1864 during most of the battle. For twenty-two hours, the fight raged … Continue reading

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You Could Feel Atlanta in Your Olfactory

“You can feel it in your olfactory,” as Loudoun Wainwright famously phrased it. …which is the subject of this editorial in the Atlanta Intelligencer of July 2, 1864. Under title of “The City,” the paper’s editors commented on a big rainstorm that suddenly … Continue reading

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“The Daily and Nightly Exhibitions of Our Theatre of War”

From a January 8, 1863 letter by William Landon of the 14th Indiana, posted near Falmouth, Virginia: “Sunrise—guard mountings, drills, reviews, inspections, parades, the ‘gas bag’ at headquarters swinging in mid air with basket suspended beneath, a human head or … Continue reading

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