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Primary Sources: Thoughts and Favorites

A primary source is defined as one produced by an eyewitness to an event offering their recollections. Some primary sources provide just basic facts with limited additional details. Other sources, like battle reports, provide more details but often offer little … Continue reading

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Swelling the Ranks for Review

In mid-November 16, 1863, with Army of the Potomac commander George Meade in Washington to consultation with the president and War Department, it fell to VI Corps commander Maj. Gen. John Sedgwick to serve as the army’s temporary commander as it … Continue reading

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Lincoln’s Last Day at the Front

Abraham Lincoln fittingly spent the tail end of the Petersburg Campaign at the front, docked in the River Queen offshore from the Federal headquarters at City Point. He met with important generals to discuss strategy, reviewed Union troops and their Confederate … Continue reading

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“Life Given, Not Lost”: Captain Morey’s Final Charge—Conclusion

Authored by Edward Alexander (part three of three) Skirmishers in the 1st Vermont Heavy Artillery crept forward to pick off the cannoneers and horses, to prevent the withdrawal of the pieces, while the remainder of the Green Mountain Boys charged … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day

Camp near White Oak Church, Va. May 9, 1863 It is difficult to realize in the time of an action, the extreme peril one’s life is in. Death there seems of less consequence than anywhere else, one gets so used … Continue reading

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