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On The March with E. L. Doctorow

Take a look for a moment at the opening sentence of E. L. Doctorow’s The March: At five in the morning, someone banging on the door and shouting, her husband, John, leaping out of bed, grabbing his rifle, and Roscoe … Continue reading

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Chasing Uncle Billy: Breaching the Line of the Salkahatchie River (part two)

(part two of two) On February 1, 1865, Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman’s might army crossed into South Carolina and began moving north. He kept his two wings separated for a variety of reasons: to confuse the Confederates as to … Continue reading

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Chasing Uncle Billy: Breaching the Line of the Salkahatchie River (part one)

(part one of two) My friend and co-author Wade Sokolosky and I just spent the last three days chasing William T. Sherman’s march through South Carolina and part of North Carolina. Along the way, we both saw things we had … Continue reading

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Abraham’s Fifteen Minutes of Fame (pt. 3)

Enslaved Abraham became Free Abraham in a matter of seconds. His body arched over the line from the Confederate 3rd Louisiana Redan to the Union 81st Illinois Volunteer Infantry. As the men in blue helped him to his feet, it … Continue reading

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Grant and Sherman, Maxfield and Ford, Standing by Each Other Always

by ECW Correspondent Joseph Giglio Polar opposites yet steadfast friends—Ulysses S. Grant and William T. Sherman. Now, a new play gives a glimpse into the enduring friendship of two of the Union’s most famous figures. Now We Stand by Each … Continue reading

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ECW Podcast “Rudely Stamp’d” Is Now Available

It’s been called “the friendship that saved the Union.” And ECW’s Derek Maxfield and partner Tracy Ford are exploring that relationship in a new way. Chris Mackowski and Dan Welch talk with Derek and Tracy about Grant and Sherman. Don’t … Continue reading

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Change is in the wind

Army of Tennessee, General Orders No. 1: July 18, 1864. Soldiers of the Army of Tennessee: “Strap in. Things are going to change!” Signed, Gen. John B. Hood, Commanding. With those stirring words, the burden of command of the Confederacy’s … Continue reading

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The “Crime” at Pickett’s Mill

…and we have to pass over the dead Yanks of the battle field of yesterday; and here I beheld that which I cannot describe; and which I hope never to see again, dead men meet the eye in every direction, … Continue reading

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2018 Year in Review: #8

As we continue to count down the ten most-read posts from 2018, we head to the Trans-Mississippi Theater: #8 Sherman’s Visit to the Wilson’s Creek Battlefield in 1885 by Kristen Pawlak (Sept. 5, 2018) In 1885, William T. Sherman “desired … Continue reading

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The Battle of Aiken: “Why spend the effort to write a book on a battle that didn’t last very long or have many casualties?”

“Why would you spend the time and effort to write a book on a battle that only lasted a few minutes and which had minimal casualties?” I wish I had a dollar for every time that I’ve been asked that … Continue reading

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