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Some Thoughts on Resaca, on the Occasion of the Opening of the New Battlefield Park

During this past weekend (May 13-15), the Resaca Battlefield Historic Site has formally opened with much pageantry—and great weather! [NOTE: See Michael K. Shaffer’s Sunday post for details.] See my feature article on Resaca in Blue & Gray’s Summer 2015 … Continue reading

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It Pays to Re-Read the OR

Long ago I learned from my late friend Albert Castel that it pays to re-read the Official Records when you’re writing about the war. Every now and then I chance upon something that drives home that lesson. A recent reminder came … Continue reading

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“Sherman Ponders the War Ahead From St. Louis”

Researching Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman is never dull.  He is colorful, intelligent, and sometimes wise.  And very rarely does he hold back; in writing, as with his conversation, he says exactly what is on his mind.  Let’s face it, love … Continue reading

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Duelin’ Dalton

The above picture is of the statue of “Uncle Joe” Joseph E. Johnston, of the Army of Tennessee, in downtown Dalton, Georgia. When I visited it two weeks ago I found the site much less cluttered than when I took … Continue reading

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Past and Present: The CSS Georgia

The ironclad warship was developed during the American Civil War. With its ability to withstand enemy fire, it quickly replaced the wooden ships of wars past. The CSS Georgia, built in 1862, was one such vessel. From its initial design … Continue reading

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Lincoln Writes a Thank-You Note

After Christmas comes the pleasant task of writing thank-you notes… at least that’s what my mom taught me. Abe Lincoln may have come from the Kentucky backwoods, but his mother taught him manners too. And, when you receive a Rebel … Continue reading

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Mediocre to Average? William T. Sherman as a Battlefield Commander

The subject of the post is a question that has been puzzling me for quite awhile. Indeed, one could consider this a Question of the Week, but on steroids. Was William T. Sherman, a man who remains in the pantheon … Continue reading

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The Final Gun

Today, we are pleased to welcome back guest author Dwight Hughes The CSS Shenandoah steamed northward through the Bering Sea in Arctic twilight. Shortly after midnight on June 22, 1865, the horizon was smudged by smoke from a whaler’s tryworks, … Continue reading

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Some Reflections on William Tecumseh Sherman

I must admit, it is exceptionally difficult to reflect on William Tecumseh Sherman. No question, he was one of the most enigmatic individuals of the American Civil War. The mere mention of his name in general company today, 150 years … Continue reading

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Sherman’s Bow Ties

During our tour of the Western Theater last month, Chris, Steph and I stopped in Meridian, Mississippi. Located in the eastern part of the state, the town was the junction of the Mobile and Ohio and the Jackson and Selma Railroads … Continue reading

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