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Liberating Winchester?

On Sunday, May 25, 1862, the Confederate soldiers in General Thomas J. Jackson’s army who had stayed in the ranks through the grueling night march found themselves on the high ground surrounding Winchester, Virginia, and extending toward the east and … Continue reading

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Kernstown’s Wounded in Winchester

The battle of Kernstown on March 23, 1862 resulted in over 1,000 casualties and a Federal victory in the lower Shenandoah Valley. To be precision, General “Stonewall” Jackson’s early reports on Confederate losses listed 80 killed, 75 wounded, 263 missing … Continue reading

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Advancing To Strasburg: Union Generals See What They Want To See In The Shenandoah Valley

In the March 18, 1862, edition of the Staunton Spectator, residents of the middle Shenandoah Valley read about the Confederates’ evacuation of Winchester and the Union army’s arrival in that same town. Then, the early reporting of new Federal movements … Continue reading

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1862: Leaving Winchester

If Union entrepreneurs had been hawking tickets for best viewing places for the next battles to any enthusiastic picnickers who hadn’t learned their lesson at First Bull Run, the tickets would’ve gone cheaply for the seats in the Shenandoah Valley. … Continue reading

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Forts: Fort Collier — “It Seems Strong and Well Built”

In the evening of September 19, 1864, after the Third Battle of Winchester, Union cavalry commanders jousted their egos and boasted of their exploits that day. In Wesley Merritt’s division, George Custer and Charles Russell Lowell, Jr. playfully jabbed at … Continue reading

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Forts: Star Fort — “It Was A Hot Place”

The 18th Connecticut Regiment joined General Robert Milroy’s command at Winchester, Virginia, in May 1863. Recruited in August 1862, the unit had spent its early months of service at Fort McHenry and other Baltimore defenses before heading to the Shenandoah … Continue reading

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The Romney Expedition: Setting A Precedent

Part 4 of a series Confederate General Thomas J. Jackson’s response to Secretary of War Benjamin’s telegram ordering Loring’s command back to Winchester followed promptly the same day: Headquarters, Valley District January 31st, 1862 Hon. J.P. Benjamin, Sec. of War. … Continue reading

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The Romney Expedition: Stonewall Observed

Part 2 of a series How did Confederate General Thomas J. Jackson experience the cold and storms during the Romney Expedition? Did it contrast with the experiences of his men? What did they observe in their leader? This post shares … Continue reading

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Ending The War: General Hancock & The Surrender? (Part 1)

He had won his general stars on the battlefield, held the lines at Gettysburg, and been a trusted corps commander during the Overland Campaign. He had survived painful injury and returned to field command. He was a Democrat in politics … Continue reading

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Christmas In Winchester, Part 2

Continued from Part 1, which details the Civil War Christmas Winchester civilians always seemed to look back on with fond memories… By Christmas 1862, “Stonewall” Jackson had left the Shenandoah Valley for the final time. The general that Winchester adopted … Continue reading

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