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Mine Run: A Campaign in Photos

On Saturday, the weather was spectacular in Virginia, and I decided to take a break, go for a drive, and see what history I could find along the way. I headed for Orange County, Virginia, since there was already a … Continue reading

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Civil War Cooking: “There Were Yet Left Some Good Things in Old Virginia”

This historic menu had been on my goal list since finding it in 2020! Recorded in Private William McCarter’s memoirs about his service in the 116th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (Union Irish Brigade), the menu is semi-complicated, and the history surrounding … Continue reading

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Civil War Cooking: “Anxious To Have A Chicken Pie” For Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Time travel through the 13th Vermont Infantry Regiment’s regimental history for a Thanksgiving camp scene from 1861: On our return from Union Mills and Bull Run, where we had been for two weeks doing picket duty, the boys … Continue reading

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Civil War Cooking: “We Rigged A Fishing Tackle” on the Blackberry Raid

The regimental history of the 15th Connecticut Infantry included short accounts from its veteran members, and Charles D. Barnes of Company B submitted a story about “The Blackberry Raid.” His writing reveals several different foods cooked or prepared by the … Continue reading

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Civil War Cooking: “We Found Her Cooking Hominy”

In the regimental memoirs of the 19th Tennessee Infantry, Confederate soldiers remembered a cold winter’s night and their interaction with a civilian family. Late one evening, about dark, before we reached the river, our command halted for the night. Two … Continue reading

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Civil War Cooking: “Paid 12 ½ Cents For Some Griddle Cakes”

Breakfast for dinner? Yes, please! This historical cooking experiment was a journey in expectations – what did this soldier expect when he paid money for griddle cakes and how did it compare to what he got? The inspiration came from … Continue reading

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Civil War Cooking (and Drinking): The 2022 Introduction

The week of Thanksgiving approaches, and it’s time to begin the yearly tradition of the Civil War Cooking Series on Emerging Civil War. This year I’m delighted to share that Meg Groeling is joining the effort to entertain and highlight … Continue reading

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Edward Everett and Battlefield Guiding 101

While doing some review about the history around the November 19, 1863, dedication of Gettysburg National Cemetery, I re-read Edward Everett’s lengthy oration. One of the things I’ve always liked about his speech is that it’s Gettysburg specific; while President … Continue reading

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Sheridan’s Veterans: Returning To The Shenandoah Valley

In the 1880’s a Union veteran’s organization known as Sheridan’s Veterans Association made several trips to the Shenandoah Valley. These “excursions” gave comrades a chance to reunite and revisit their old battlefields in the Valley. Some veterans brought their families, … Continue reading

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Elections 1864 Style: On Track?

This Currier & Ives political cartoon from 1864 recently caught my attention as I was scrolling through the Library of Congress’s online archives. Charactures of Abraham Lincoln and George McClellan, the presidential candidates in 1864, are depicted in conversation, but … Continue reading

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