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I’m Sarah Kay Bierle, author, speaker, and researcher. Past and present, everyone has a story. What will we discover and discuss?

“A Week at Saratoga Would Do Me More Good Than All The Medicine In The World”

Earlier this year, I was in Saratoga, New York (working on some Revolutionary War history), but I thought I had read somewhere about a Union officer writing about wanting to go to Saratoga. When I got home, I poked around … Continue reading

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Wounded at Cedar Creek

On October 19, 1864, the battle of Cedar Creek erupted in the lower (northern) region of the Virginian Shenandoah Valley. General Jubal Early’s Confederates launched a surprise attack against Union General Philip Sheridan’s camps in the early morning hours and … Continue reading

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Civil War Medicine: “Have You Nerve Enough For Such Things?”

While researching some soldier accounts of the battle of Port Republic last June, I found the collection of John V. Hadley’s letters, published in the Indiana Magazine of History in 1963. I typically read some of the letters beyond the … Continue reading

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Civil War Medicine: “I Should Have Had The Hand Taken Off”

“If I had known it was so bad and was likely to be so long and tedious a wound, I should have had the hand taken off that afternoon, without a thought to the contrary.”[i] Wrote twenty-three-year-old Colonel William Francis … Continue reading

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Civil War Medicine: Help! How Do I Find…?

This year I’ve been referencing The Medical & Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion rather frequently. However, it can get frustrating to use the volumes without a cheat-sheet guide. Like the Official Records of the battle reports, the … Continue reading

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Barlow and Gordon at Antietam

Stand aside Gettysburg. It’s the middle of September, and you’re not the only place with a Barlow-Gordon story. (And yes, I see you, Spotsylvania, but you’ll have to wait your turn.) In case you haven’t heard of the Barlow-Gordon story … Continue reading

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A Slave Ship Crewman in the 8th Ohio at Antietam?

On September 16, 1862, a man in a Union blue coat hid in the ranks of the 8th Ohio Infantry Regiment. If the stories he had told his friends were true, he could have been indicted by a Federal court … Continue reading

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Of Monuments & Winchester National Cemetery

From the research desk! I’ve been getting ready for Emerging Civil War’s fundraiser for Wreath Across America, and this past week some of my favorite sources are the commemorative books published after several Union veterans touring trips to battlefields in … Continue reading

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Join The Cavalry For Better Health?

“The very young soldier, it has been remarked, wears better in the cavalry than in the infantry brand of the service, and in that sphere he may have a chance to cope successfully with his hardier comrades. It is perhaps … Continue reading

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Reflecting On The Theme: “Find A Way To Serve”

Last week Emerging Civil War announced a special fundraiser to help donate funds to help Wreaths Across America place more wreaths in Winchester National Cemetery. Since I’m one of the editors working on research and getting ready to present at … Continue reading

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