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A Soldier in the Forest

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Day Three: The Siege of Vicksburg

Part eight of a series The siege of Vicksburg nearly kills us. The heat index soars into the low 200s. Centigrade. The thermometer actually says something like 89, but it’s hard to read with all the sweat stinging my eyes. … Continue reading

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Day One: Stone Mountain

Part three in a series Stonewall Jackson has always loomed large in my family’s life. He’s the reason Stephanie fell in love with the Civil War back when she was four, and her love affair dragged us all with it. … Continue reading

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Day One: James McPherson

Part two in a series James McPherson still finds himself surrounded by Southerners. The difference now, though, is that the shady neighborhood of small, tight houses seems far more hospitable than the Confederate skirmishers that surrounded him on July 22, … Continue reading

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Meeting “Old Joe” on the Battlefield

The first time I met Joe Johnston on the battlefield, he was pointing dramatically at something indistinct off in the distance. He was also out of position. It was a gloomy day. Johnston stood like a silhouette against the clouds, … Continue reading

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General Grant, R.I.P.

Ulysses S. Grant died on this date, at 8:03 a.m.. back in 1885.

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ECW Weekender: In the Footsteps of Nullification with John C. Calhoun

Many historians have traced the roots of the Civil War back to the Nullification Crisis of 1832, triggered by South Carolina’s Ordinance of Nullification. The ordinance contended that a state had a right to ignore a Federal law if it … Continue reading

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Wade Hampton in Charleston

I’ve just returned from a week in Charleston, South Carolina, where my wife and I spent out honeymoon. It’s tough to vacation in the Cradle of Secession without wanting to totally geek-out on Civil War history—yet I promised Jenny I’d … Continue reading

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Snowy Stonewall

Stonewall Jackson monument Chancellorsville National Battlefield

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A Surfeit of Heroes: Custer At Gettysburg, July 3, 1863 / Part 2

The term invincible is often found in accounts of Gettysburg. Lee referred to the soldiers of the Army of Northern Virginia as invincible, and so they seemed after Chancellorsville. On May 15, when called to Richmond by Confederate President Jefferson … Continue reading

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