Civil War Trails: Easton Maryland

Maryland’s Eastern Shore is one of our favorite destinations along the Trail. For those of you who have been there will know what a gem the beautiful towns and countryside can be.

Among all of that beauty, Easton stands out. Exploring Easton and its surroundings you will certainly find something for history nerds, foodies, arts enthusiasts, and just about anyone else.

Statue of Frederick Douglass, downtown Easton.

Easton, and Talbot County at large are home to a handful of Civil War Trails sites, all of which detail the lives and efforts of the African American community in Talbot before and during the war. When you get to the Trails sites in Talbot, you’ll be standing in the footsteps of people like Nathaniel Hopkins, who took his freedom and served the Union during the war. After the war ended Hopkins returned to Talbot to found the first school for African Americans in the county.

After you’ve taken in a Civil War Trails site on your way into town we recommend exploring Easton on foot. Whatever time of year you visit, you’ll certainly find something to captivate any traveler, from art, film, food, and music festivals in the busy months to quiet and calm during the slower times. Easton itself is the heart of the Eastern Shore’s arts and culture scene, with abundant live music, museums, and galleries.

The folks at the Scottish Highland Creamery take pride in combining their product by hand, one gallon at a time.

Exploring this architecturally beautiful town on foot will certainly work up an appetite, and Easton has something amazing for any pallet. Our team thoroughly enjoyed Banning’s Tavern last time we were in town, which would make an excellent lunch stop to rest during your exploration.

Once you’ve explored Easton on foot we suggest you get back in the car and head to Oxford. Once there we recommend stopping at the Trails sign at the ferry landing, and then enjoy a peaceful meal at the Robert Morris Inn. After dinner head over to the Scottish Highland Creamery and eat dessert while watching the tide roll on.

By now you’ll be needing somewhere to spend the night, and if you’re planning to make this getaway with your partner, we recommend booking at the Robert Morris Inn.

Robert Morris Inn

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