Civil War Trails: Moorefield, WV

As you start thinking about your fall travel plans we recommend you visit one of our teams favorite fall destinations, Moorefield West Virginia.

Fremont’s Camp, one of more than a dozen Civil War Trails sites near Moorefield.

Aside from the beautiful countryside of Hardy County, Moorefield and its surrounds offer a wide variety of sites and histories for you to explore. We recommend starting north of town by visiting the Civil War Trails signs that allow you to follow the running Battle of Moorefield, which swept the Confederate cavalry off the field and into the mountains in August, 1864.

If you are making a weekend of it we recommend setting up your base at the South Branch Inn who have been long time partners of the program, and which is an accessible, family-friendly lodging option.

Once you’ve checked out everything Moorefield has to offer we suggest you head south to our newest site in the area, at the South Fork Country Store. Located in Peru, south of Moorefield along route 7,  you can experience the restored 100 year old piece of local history that is this unique building. After checking out the store, spend a few minutes at the Trails sign on site, and learn of the surprise action that took place here in the pre-dawn hours of a cold winter morning.

Fort Mulligan

When you’ve finished up in Peru, head back towards Moorefield with a detour west, to Petersburg, which we promise it will be worth your time.  For a quick history hike head up the hill to Fort Mulligan, to see what is left of the earthworks built here to defend the South Branch Valley.

After you’re done at Fort Mulligan, visit our friends at the Hardy County CVB, and see everything else that Hardy has to offer.

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We’re ready when you are.

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    1. Thanks NYGiant1952. Please consider sharing the blog post with friends who also might enjoy a trip to Hardy County, WV.

      1. I led a tour there a number of years ago, when we toured Civil War sites in West Virginia. And I plan on touring there next year with another good friend.

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