Saving History Saturday: The Medal of Honor Valor Trail

Last week the American Battlefield Trust announced the creation of the Medal of Honor Trail, in collaboration with their partner the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. The trail will tell the stories of Americans who have won the Medal of Honor.

The Media of Honor is the highest award that the nation bestows of a member of the military and is awarded for extraordinary acts of valor in action.

In talking about the Medal of Homer, American Battlefield Trust President David Duncan said, “It is synonymous with the best of who we are as Americans and the ideals of valor, patriotism, and self-sacrifice. But the dramatic stories behind the awarding of many of these medals are rarely told at the places where they unfolded.”

Leroy Petry, a Medal of Honor recipient, and the Society’s president agreed: “The Society’s mission is to promote the legacy of the Medal of Honor, which we do by telling the stories of the Medal of Honor through a variety of education and outreach programs. The Valor Trail will make our efforts even more tangible by combining Medal of Honor stories with places in our own communities and places we can visit.”

This new initiative is come on the heels of a previous project between the partner organizations that created an interactive map on the Trust’s website that identifies over 1,500 Civil War Medal of Honor recipients.

The website for the Medal of Honor Trail is You can read the entire Press Release at the Trust’s website. To learn more about the Medal of Honor, go to the Society’s website.

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Terry is currently the Executive Director of the Central Virginia Battlefields Trust (CVBT), located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Prior to joining CVBT he spent 12 years living and working in Alaska.
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    Media of Honor? Medal of Homer? D’oh! E-d-i-t-o-r.

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