Saving History Saturday: American Battlefield Trust Battlefield Restoration Projects

The American Battlefield Trust is currently fundraising to do building demolition and land restoration. To return the land to its wartime appearance, on three battlefields.

At Fredericksburg, the Trust is needing to take down five modern houses on land at the southern end of the battlefield. Once they return the land to its wartime appearance this land, along modern-day Benchmark Road, will be turned over to the National Park Service for inclusion in Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park, and will eventually provide access to the Meade Pyramid. The costliest of the three projects, it’ll take at least $125,000 to restore this important land.

At Harpers Ferry a former auto repair shop and gas station needs to be demolished as well as an old commercial building, coming up the hill from old town. This project alone is estimated to cost at least $90,000.

The third battlefield that the Trust has work to do is at Antietam. There, it is a dilapidated house and related outbuildings that sit directly across the road from the Visitor’s Center, in the heart of the battlefield. The estimated cost of this project is $25,000.

The Trust has to complete all three projects before the end of the year, and is raising $240,000 to do so. This includes demolition, removal of debris, and land restoration. To find out more about these projects, and support the fundraising campaign, click here.


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