New Stories for Summersville’s Civil War Trails Sites!

Recently, the Summersville Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) completed a project to update the two Civil War Trails sites in the county. These sites are networked together with over 150 other Civil War Trails (CWT) sites in West Virginia and over 1,400 across six states. These new stories include the tale of legendary spy Nancy Hart and the 1861 battle of Battle of Kessler’s Cross Lanes.

The Civil War Trails team also updated the content related to ‘Nancy Hart’ who’s incredible story is part fact and part mystery. It is located at 700 Main Street in Summerville. Located at the Nicholas County Courthouse. Courtesy, Summersville CVB

Visitors from across the world look for Civil War Trails signs to help put them in the footsteps of history. The new signs in downtown Summersville and just north of Carnifex Ferry State Park do exactly that. The new text and media help fuel the visitor’s imagination as they explore the unique landscapes and stories through the voice of those who were there.

The work was completed thanks to the Summersville CVB who participate in the multi-state Civil War Trails program. With each site being marketed internationally, what visitors see as an educational product doubles as an economic development engine for localities and businesses. As these visitors explore the sites and stories they patronize local shops, restaurants, breweries, and lodgings. Tracy McCoy, Executive Director of the Summersville CVB said, “Nicholas County WV is a unique gem brimming with rich history, endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, and plenty of small-town charm. If it’s not already on your destination wish list, it needs to be.”

These newly updated signs are just a part of the overall additions being made to the Civil War Trails program across the state. This work is made possible by the participation of regional tourism offices like the Summersville CVB and the state travel office. Across the state these regional tourism offices support product updates to the interpretive signs, upgrades to the directional ‘trailblazer’ network, and the collaborative marketing efforts. “The program is constantly evolving based on our changing audience, their interests, and nearby amenities.” said Chris Brown, Assistant Director of Civil War Trails, Inc.

Summersville CVB Executive Director-Tracy McCoy and Jason Shaffer-Operations Manager of Civil War Trails, proudly present the new Civil War Trails sign describing the Battle of Kessler’s Cross Lanes installed at the Fire Department building located at 6035 Summersville Lake Rd
Keslers Cross Lanes, WV 26675. Courtesy, Summersville CVB

Visitors are encouraged to visit these historical sites in Nicholas County as well as all of the others throughout the state of West Virginia. Request a brochure via or a visitor guide via to start planning your road trip.

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