Civil War Trails: A Fresh Look for Old Stories

Ted Rice, President of the Museum helps position the Civil War Trails directional ‘trailblazer’ sign. These directional signs work in tandem with the popular Civil War Trails brochures to help guide guests to each site. Courtesy, Civil War Trails, Inc.

Last week a new Civil War Trails sign was installed at the Humphrey’s County Museum. The Museum at 201 Fort Hill Rd., in Waverly, Tennessee is one of over 1,400 Civil War Trails (CWT) sites across six states which are marketed travelers from around the world. The new sign describes the importance of the Civil War fort located there as well as the experiences of the soldiers both Black and white who served there.

The project was completed thanks to a partnership between Humphreys County Tourism, the museum, and Civil War Trails, Inc. The Museum staff offered research and reviewed the final content including the new map. The Tourism office sponsors the work, and the CWT team completed the sign installation and is in the process of updating the print and digital brochures which help further promote the site. The installation at the Museum was one of 61 projects the CWT team completed across the state in October.

Although the new sign is educational the CWT program is focused on promoting travel. “We deliver economic development by the carload – everyday.” Said Drew Gruber, Executive Director of Civil War Trails. According to Civil War Trails, Inc. travelers might spend between $600-$1000 per trip including the cost to stay 2 -3 nights. There are 3 CWT sites in the County and over 350 throughout the state which means that the revenue generated from travel supports businesses and residents in Humphrey’s County and beyond. This sentiment was echoed by Karin Landers, Tourism Director for the County who said, “this is an amazing travel opportunity for history veteran’s and novices alike.  Add to that the awesome outdoor amenity of the beautiful grounds.” “Ted Rice is such an asset to the museum and to the community.”  “I hope visitors are able to schedule a visit with Ted as a tour guide!”

Chris Brown (left), Assistant Director of Civil War Trails and Ted Rice (right), President of the Museum work together to lift the new sign into place. There are over 1,400 Civil War Trails sites across six states. Courtesy, Civil War Trails, Inc.

Ted Rice, President of the Humphrey’s County Museum pointed out that the new sign helps champion the story of the Black men who served there. “Fort Hill is a monument and educational tool in honor of the United States Colored Troops of Humphreys County, Tennessee,” said Ted. Many of these soldiers were formerly enslaved and after the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation joined the United States military. Gruber reiterated the importance of this effort specifically. “Stories like this one are only now being developed throughout the state and Waverly is ahead of the game thanks to the partners who made this possible.” said Gruber.

For more information about visiting the museum on “Fort Hill” you can begin planning your trip at, . To find out more about the Civil War Trails program or request a brochure visit Follow Civil War Trails and create some history of your own. Snap a selfie with the new sign and use #signselfie #civilwartrails #madeintn.

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