Year in Review 2022: Social Media

Is 2022 already almost over?! Wow this year has gone by fast! All throughout the year, your
ECW social media team has been working hard to bring you content from the Emerging Civil
War blog and we love seeing all your engagement online. One of the biggest things that we’ve
noticed over the year is that we have grown. Twitter and Instagram both grew over 500
followers (despite everything that’s been happening with Twitter) and Instagram, and over a
thousand followers for YouTube and Facebook!

Not only have our numbers grown, but our engagements have also grown. You all love the
videos on the YouTube channel and became very active in many of our posts, even welcoming
guest bloggers into our midst! Our most popular post of the year on social media was Kevin C. Donovan’s “A
Tale of Two Tombstones”, did you read it yet?

As we enter 2023, we will continue to build upon our social media content to bring you not only
more, but a larger variety as well. If you don’t already, make sure to follow us on Twitter,
Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to see all the great content from ECW’s historians and

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  1. Thanks for the submission Kevin! It was a really nicely-researched piece that got a lot of people thinking.

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