American Civil War Museum – Appomattox Joins Civil War Trails Program

The American Civil War Museum – Appomattox (ACWM) has joined the multi-state Civil War Trails program. By doing so, the American Civil War Museum will also be recognized internationally by the program’s partners, including municipal and state travel offices.

Curatorial and education teams at the American Civil War Museum, along with noted historians, collaborated on this important project designed to engage visitors with the events that occurred on the site. “Fighting to the End” is the title of the museum’s new Civil War Trails sign that helps visitors understand the battle that occurred around the museum site. The interpretive sign describes the final hours before the surrender of the Confederate army at Appomattox.

Christopher Brown, Civil War Trails’ assistant director, checks that the new interpretive sign installed at the American Civil War Museum – Appomattox is set in an ADA-compliant manner with the sidewalk. (CWT)

Putting visitors in the footsteps of a historic event like this one is always exciting,” said Chris Brown, assistant director of Civil War Trails. “However, it’s not every day the sign is supported by a world-class institution which enables you to delve into greater detail, see their uniforms, and hear more about the soldiers who fought on that very ground.”

There are more than1,500 Civil War Trails sites across six states, and the program continues to grow. “It is wonderful to see new communities joining the Civil War Trails,” said Rita McClenny, president and CEO of Virginia Tourism Corporation. “These sites offer travelers the opportunity to stand in the footsteps of those who lived during these historic moments.” According to the Civil War Trails organization there are a record number of pending new sites; CWT has also recorded more paper map-guides being distributed last year than the year prior.

When you visit the new Civil War Trails sign located at the American Civil War Museum at 159 Horseshoe Rpad, Appomattox, Virginia, be sure to snap a #signselfie and post it with #civilwartrails to @acwmuseum.

For more information on the American Civil War Museum – Appomattox, visit or call 434-352-5791.

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