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Photographic History in Full Color

Colorizing vintage photographs is an intriguing practice among Civil War buffs—but it’s also a war of worth, where digital artists weigh potential historical inaccuracies against heightened storytelling. For many colorization experts and historians, ineffective practice can jeopardize the representation of well-known … Continue reading

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A Visit to the Gettysburg Cyclorama

I’d seen the Gettysburg Cyclorama once before — while in high school and on my way to Washington, D.C.—but had virtually no appreciation for the events it displays. Suppressed by a senior trip agenda, my last stop in Gettysburg was … Continue reading

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The Civil War Trails’ Trailblazer: Drew Gruber

Clark Kent isn’t the only one who lives a double life. Within any given day, Drew Gruber, the executive director or Civil War Trails, changes from overall-wearing post-hole digger to suit-donning organizer. “It’s not uncommon for me to be in … Continue reading

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“Essential” Reading for Civil War Buffs

Getting an understanding of Civil War scholarship can be difficult for those unversed in its topics. And, since the war continues to shape the world we know, it’s important to find that comprehension. There’s a solution to the confusion surrounding … Continue reading

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The Mosby Heritage Area Association

For Kevin Pawlak, history is a story. And much like tales of princesses and knights, he said historic accounts have the ability to impassion people, too. Pawlak, education specialist for the Mosby Heritage Area Association, said the organization focuses on … Continue reading

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Don’t Give an Inch is “one big adrenaline rush”

Emerging Civil War’s latest book about Gettysburg tells the story of a battle hailed as “one, big adrenaline rush” by one of the book’s co-authors. Don’t Give An Inch: The Second Day At Gettysburg, July 2, 1863—from Little Round Top … Continue reading

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Second Winchester: The Confederate Victory that Opened the Door to Gettysburg

Eric Wittenberg described his latest publishing project, co-written by Scott Mingus, as “thorough.” And the extensive research that went into the book—not to mention its 500-page duration—is proof of that. The Second Battle of Winchester: The Confederate Victory that Opened … Continue reading

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The Civil War “In4”

The Civil War Trust is taking on a new unofficial role, “modern teacher,” with their In4 video series—putting a strong focus on explanatory videos rather than paper maps, textbooks and lectures. Discussing the war’s leaders, technology, and warfare—among other subjects—the … Continue reading

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“Seizing Destiny” looks at the Valley Forge of the Army of the Potomac

Author Albert Conner found inspiration for his new book in the usually forgotten transitional period between two well-known battles. It’s an unconventional approach among typically battle-focused Civil War scholarship. But that forgotten history, Conner contends, was one of the most transformational … Continue reading

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Bill Backus Brings “Vigilance” to His Writing

by ECW Correspondent Liam McGurl For Bill Backus, co-author of Want for Vigilance: The Bristoe Station Campaign, his lax collegiate writing didn’t necessarily exactly prepare him for authorship. Fortunately, though, he pulled on every Civil War-related experience for his first … Continue reading

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