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Shooters Before Tooters

By Stephen Davis and Bill Hendrick Editor’s note: Steve Davis and Bill Hendrick have written The Atlanta Daily Intelligencer Covers the Civil War, under contract with the University of Tennessee Press. Bill ranges widely among Civil War newspapers, and found … Continue reading

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George C. Scott on Robert E. Lee

October 12, 2020, is the 150th commemorative date of the death of Robert Edward Lee in Lexington, Virginia. “This is Election-Year America,” pronounced George C. Scott on the Today show in the spring of 1976, from a script he had … Continue reading

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C’mon, Cump!

In his recent, admiring biography of William Tecumseh Sherman, Brian Holden Reid terms him a “dazzling literary stylist.” Well, watch out for that razzle-dazzle, at least in Sherman’s Memoirs (1875). I am not the first to notice that in his … Continue reading

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Faulty Philately

Say what you will about the Confederate Constitution, but in one respect it got things right. The C.S. Postal Service, for example, after a year had to be financially self-supporting. Not so the USPS, as we all know. And for … Continue reading

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Please—no more Jonesboropia!

In my new book, Texas Brigadier to the Fall of Atlanta: John Bell Hood (Mercer University Press, December 2019), I coin a word, Jonesboropia, to refer to the persistent myth that the battle of Jonesboro, fought south of Atlanta on … Continue reading

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A Gem from the Gilder Lehrman

A century and a half after the war, we’re still finding cool stuff. I’ll give an example from my new book, Texas Brigadier to the Fall of Atlanta: John Bell Hood (Mercer, 2019). In my research I was perusing Kirk … Continue reading

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The author speaks out on his work: Texas Brigadier to the Fall of Atlanta: John Bell Hood

Every Civil War historian hopes that her/his work will add a few nuggets to the literature. Here’s a candidate from my recent book, Texas Brigadier to the Fall of Atlanta: John Bell Hood (Mercer University Press, 2019). In Stephen M. … Continue reading

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Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howard in the National Tribune

I’m doing a lot of reading in the National Tribune, “the premier newspaper published for Union veterans” in Washington, 1877-1943. This is thanks to 1) its availability online and 2) Dr. Richard A. Sauers’ comprehensive index to all of its … Continue reading

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“Old Rock” Benning’s Georgia Brigade at Gettysburg and Those Three Northern Guns Captured on July 2

Forty years ago, as a doctoral graduate student at Emory University, I received invitation to write about several Confederate generals for The Dictionary of Georgia Biography (2 vols., Athens, 1983). One of those whom I chose was Henry Lewis Benning, … Continue reading

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The “Crime” at Pickett’s Mill

…and we have to pass over the dead Yanks of the battle field of yesterday; and here I beheld that which I cannot describe; and which I hope never to see again, dead men meet the eye in every direction, … Continue reading

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