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Fanny Gordon, Fanny Andrews

The wife of a certain gallant Confederate General compromised nothing of feminine dignity when she rushed through the streets of Winchester, regardless of Yankee shot and shell, striving to rally her husband’s flying columns. We’ve all got some good Civil … Continue reading

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On The Eve Of War: Atlanta, Georgia

“A slight perceptible odor of Yankeedom.” This is how someone characterized Atlanta at the time of the war. The disparagement reflected the bustling business air about the city: clanking railroad cars, up-and-coming factories, thriving commercial center with plenty of merchants, … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Enduring Lost Cause

The Enduring Lost Cause: Afterlives of a Redeemer Nation Edited by Edward R. Crowther University of Tennessee Press, 2020, $70 hardcover Reviewed by Stephen Davis Just like The Dude in the Coen Brothers film, the Lost Cause abides. Edward Crowther … Continue reading

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Book Review: Confederate Citadel

Confederate Citadel: Richmond and Its People at War By Mary A. DeCredico University Press of Kentucky, 2020, $50 hardcover Reviewed by Stephen Davis The bookshelf devoted to the Confederate capital is a considerable one, beginning with Sallie Putnam’s Richmond During … Continue reading

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My Civil War Evening with Jimmy Carter

Some years ago, I taught evening courses at Oglethorpe University in northeast Atlanta. One of my students, Lauren Gay, happened to work at the Jimmy Carter Center and Presidential Library. In August 2012 she arranged for me to give a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Writing War and Reunion

Writing War and Reunion:  Selected Civil War and Reconstruction Newspaper Editorials by William Gilmore Simms Edited by Jeffery J. Rogers University of South Carolina Press, 2020, $59.99 hardcover Reviewed by Stephen Davis Thank goodness for the academy. Across the country, … Continue reading

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When President Kennedy–and Professor Wiley–Stepped In

In the final report of the U.S. Civil War Centennial Commission, issued in 1968, Chairman Allan Nevins recalled “the great wave of popular interest in the Civil War” that led Congress to authorize the Commission in 1957. He also remembered … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Civil War in Literature, Film, and Song

The Civil War in Literature, Film, and Song Edited by Chris Mackowski Southern Illinois University Press, 2020, $26.50 paperback. Reviewed by Stephen Davis When Chris Mackowski writes, in this engaging collection of essays, about “the Ken Burns effect,” he’s referring … Continue reading

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Conduct Unbecoming an Officer: John B. Hood’s Efforts to Cover Up the Bad News From his Tennessee Campaign

EDITOR’S NOTE: ECWer Stephen Davis has had published the second volume of his study of Confederate General John B. Hood’s generalship in 1864. This piece is from his second volume, released this past autumn by Mercer University Press. After the … Continue reading

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Shooters Before Tooters

By Stephen Davis and Bill Hendrick Editor’s note: Steve Davis and Bill Hendrick have written The Atlanta Daily Intelligencer Covers the Civil War, under contract with the University of Tennessee Press. Bill ranges widely among Civil War newspapers, and found … Continue reading

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