Year in Review 2022: Book Reviews

This is my second year as Book Review Editor for Emerging Civil War. It’s been busy—and delightful.

So far in 2022, working with Chris and Sarah, we have posted on the blog fully 35 book reviews. 

I generally get a review copy from publishers every week or ten days. After e-mailing and securing a reviewer, I wrap the book and mail it off. The Cumming P.O. is only ten minutes away; I go there at least once a week to send off a book. 

I wish to thank all of the industrious reviewers who have contributed to our success:

Sheritta Bitikofer

Sean Chick

Doug Crenshaw

David Dixon 

Bert Dunkerly

Zack Fry 

Jon-Erik Gilot

Phill Greenwalt 

Meg Groeling 

Dwight Hughes 

Brian Jordan

Patrick Kelly-Fischer

Max Longley

Chris Mackowski

Derek Maxfield

Pat McCormick

Kevin Pawlak

Mike Priest

Jon Tracey

Cecily Zander

As K Billy DJ says in Reservoir Dogs, “the hits keep on coming.” We currently have more than a dozen titles out on review, so we’re keeping the pump primed.

I thank Chris, Sarah, and the Board for the privilege of contributing to Emerging Civil  War.

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