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I’m Sarah Kay Bierle, historian, editor, and historical fiction writer. When sharing history, I try to keep the facts interesting and understandable. History is about real people, real actions, real effects and it should inspire us today.

ECW Weekender: Put This Book In Your Travel Pack!

  Do you have ten pounds of books in your backpack? (And an additional twenty pounds of books in a box in the back of your car?) I had a good laugh at myself last weekend when I was at … Continue reading

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Another Look at Survival

I’m getting ready to give a presentation to a round table this evening and have been reviewing my notes and what I’ll be sharing about Civil War medical practices and how those norms actually worked (or didn’t) during a campaign … Continue reading

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Reflections on Eastman Johnson’s A Ride for Liberty

Eastman Johnson is one of my favorite American artists, and many agree that one of his best works is A Ride For Liberty. Let’s take a closer look at what inspired and was reflected in the artwork…

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ECW Weekender: Breckenridge, Colorado

Taking a winter ski trip to the western mountains? Headed to Breckenridge, Colorado? I’ve got a little Civil War history for you.

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“To Defy The Predictions Of The Universe”: A Wedding Goes Crazy, The Love Story Goes Well

It’s February 14 and Valentine’s Day… So that means I get to bless (or torture) you with a blog post about a historic love story. Now, did you know that February 14 also happens to be a Union general’s birthday? … Continue reading

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A Birthday Party for Lincoln?

It’s February 12th and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. So…as I ate lunch today, I started wondering if Lincoln had any birthday parties during his lifetime. Now, my research and reference books were not with me, but thinking through what I remember … Continue reading

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If It Takes All Summer…

We don’t usually do “behind the scenes” posts about things that happen within the ECW admin team. But there is a scene that happened in the last few weeks that may provide a chuckle to a few of our loyal … Continue reading

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CW & Pop Culture: Gettysburg Meets Gone With The Wind, Part 2

Alright, having established the novel and movie’s takes on the reports of Gettysburg, let’s talk in more depth about how Gone With The Wind deals with these scenes and how there’s an influence of and influence on pop-culture.

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CW & Pop Culture: Gettysburg Meets Gone With The Wind, Part 1

For this entire series, I’ve been contemplating what I should write about Gone With The Wind. There’s a lot I’d still like to say that didn’t make it in the essay in Entertaining History. There’s a lot I’m still thinking … Continue reading

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CW & Pop Culture: Wearing The Civil War?

Is apparel a form of history in pop-culture? I’m going to argue: yes! When I wear my historic 1839 and castled walls emblazed V.M.I. T-Shirt or my favorite Boston Lighthouse swag, I’m proclaiming my love of history to the entire … Continue reading

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