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I’m Sarah Kay Bierle, historian, editor, and historical fiction writer. When sharing history, I try to keep the facts interesting and understandable. History is about real people, real actions, real effects and it should inspire us today.

Bucklin’s In Hospital & Camp: “My Desired Sphere” (Part 2)

In Hospital and Camp, A Woman’s Record of Thrilling Incidents Among the Wounded in the Late War by Sophronia E. Bucklin Continuing with the primary source read-along! You can find the free e-book  and we’re on chapters three and four this … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: Saltville, Virginia (Part 2)

Today, we’ll focus on the First Battle of Saltville and its Civil War sites. Stay tuned next Friday for the Second Battle of Saltville sites and Salt Park. On October 2, 1864, approximately 300 Confederates held the high ground around … Continue reading

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Two Women Who Influenced My Love of History

As I think of women who influence and encouraged my love of history, two ladies particularly come to mind: my mom and Nancy M. My mother wasn’t a fan of history. Or at least that’s what she always thought. But … Continue reading

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Bucklin’s In Hospital & Camp: “I stood alone in the city of strangers” (Part 1)

In Hospital and Camp, A Woman’s Record of Thrilling Incidents Among the Wounded in the Late War by Sophronia E. Bucklin So…I decided to read Sophronia E. Bucklin’s memoir over the next few weeks. If you want to get the … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: Museum of the Middle Appalachians (Saltville, Part 1)

Please note: travel is not advised at this time due to COVID19, but we want to continue sharing weekender trips to give ideas of places to visit in the future. If you take Exit 29 or 35 off Interstate 81 … Continue reading

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Civil War Nurse’s Book available for FREE!

Got internet? Then you’ve got access to a Free E-Book via Google books and just in time for Women’s History Month.

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“Because of My Love for My Whole Adopted Country”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! A couple of weekends ago, I made a drive to Antietam National Battlefield, and in an effort to support the battlefield and local economy, I felt it was fitting and proper to add to my library. … Continue reading

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Common Soldiers Writing Song: “Oh, How Do You Like The Army?”

I’ve been reading through some Civil War songs and poetry, looking for something suitable for Women’s History Month that I haven’t shared before. Though I’ve found some splendid pieces, they are rather sad and fully of sensibility and 19th Century … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: A Weekend at Home?

Howdy, ECW Family— It’s my turn to write a weekender, and I’ve been pondering what site to share all week. I have a few “history places” that I’m looking forward to writing about, but at the same time, I’m not … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: Put This Book In Your Travel Pack!

  Do you have ten pounds of books in your backpack? (And an additional twenty pounds of books in a box in the back of your car?) I had a good laugh at myself last weekend when I was at … Continue reading

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