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Civil War Echoes: The Hitless Wonders

Until this year, the largest mismatch between the records of the teams in the World Series was the 1906 Series, which pitted the Chicago Cubs against the Chicago White Sox. The White Sox won the title despite batting only .198; … Continue reading

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“May God preserve you from all the dangers in the battle-field and in the camp”

November 1863 was an especially challenging time for the Army of the Potomac. Unable to score a solid followup since the battle of Gettysburg in July, commander George Gordon Meade subsequently found two of his corps stripped away and sent … Continue reading

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Civil War Medicine: Andrew Henderson, John Pope, and a Challenging Medical Decision at Sea

Civil War era warships were cramped with little privacy with sailors still sleeping in hammocks instead of beds. Officers generally had better living conditions, with the tradeoff of separation from the enlisted crew in status, activity, and expectations. Though they … Continue reading

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ECW Podcast: Politics and Leadership Between Second Manassas and Antietam

Historians Kevin Pawlak, Dan Welch, and Chris Mackowski talk about the period between the battles of Second Manassas and Antietam: John Pope, Fitz John Porter, and Politics A-Plenty! Listen for free here on our website or by using Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Please … Continue reading

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He Freely Gave Himself: George Leppien and His Maine Battery

In the midst of a growing crisis on the Army of Virginia’s left flank, a battery of Maine artillerymen trotted to the top of Chinn Ridge. The trained gunners unlimbered their pieces and prepared their guns to open on the … Continue reading

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Gustav Waagner: The Hungarian Revolutionary Faced One of his Toughest Tests against Stonewall Jackson at Manassas Junction

After the march of Stonewall Jackson’s 24,000 men culminated at Bristoe Station on August 26, 1862, where they managed to cut John Pope’s communication and supply line, Jackson turned his attention to Manassas Junction five miles up the Orange & … Continue reading

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A Failure to Organize: Philadelphia’s Board of Trade Rifles

I’m a sucker for a good recruiting poster. Their patriotic images and garish text so often evoke the pomp, pageantry, and enthusiasm on display in the early years of the Civil War. These broadsides can tell us a lot about … Continue reading

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ECW Podcast: Meade at Gettysburg

Meade at Gettysburg: A Study in Command is the recipient of this year’s ECW Book Award. We talk with the author, historian Kent Masterson Brown. Listen for free here on our website or by using Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Please be sure to … Continue reading

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Halleck: The Art of Pretending to Say Something or Nothing

I came across a dispatch from Henry Halleck to U.S. Grant the other day that serves as a nearly perfect Halleckism. By early April 1863, Grant was undertaking yet another of his attempts at Vicksburg, this time up the Yazoo … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Lion of Round Top: The Life and Military Service of Brigadier General Strong Vincent in the American Civil War by H.G. Myers

Reviewed by Jon-Erik Gilot While there were many personalities on or about Little Round Top during the Battle of Gettysburg, none loom larger than the man whose majestic mustache is outdone only by his impressive ego. See…I didn’t even have … Continue reading

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