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Under Fire: Mark Twain’s Experiences in the Confederate Militia

As I explored in a previous blog, Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens lived a complex life. One of the lesser-known facets of his life is his limited service during the American Civil War. Though it may not be a purely non-fiction retelling … Continue reading

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Weekly Whitman: “Years of the Modern”

Whenever I read this poem, I think perhaps Walt Whitman could predict the future. I see—from my perspective as a white American cis-gendered female—our country’s history unfolding, from our personal struggles against a monarchy to our current ones against recast … Continue reading

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Stonewall Jackson at Gettysburg on YouTube

We have a special treat for Stonewall Jackson fans next week. Back in August at the Savas Beatie author get-together in Gettysburg, ECW’s Chris Mackowski popped in to offer a talk about “Stonewall Jackson at Gettysburg.” ECW’s friend Cory Lesmeister … Continue reading

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Mark Twain’s Internal Civil War

Mark Twain is as famous and talented a writer as Samuel Clemens was a divided man. Haunted by his guilty conscience, deeply torn by contemporary events, and plagued with debt, Sam Clemens did not live the positive life than many … Continue reading

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William Gaston Lewis

Another installment of the “Tales From the Tombstone” series. Been a hiatus, I know. Recently though, my career afforded me the opportunity to travel a bit, moving from one national park site to another. I was able to chart a … Continue reading

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Sherman in the Days Before Disunion

As the dark clouds of war gathered in early 1860, William Tecumseh Sherman’s career took yet another turn. He was called by old army friends like Braxton Bragg and P.G.T. Beauregard to become superintendent of the Louisiana Seminary of Learning … Continue reading

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A Vignette: General R. E. Lee, Wine, Whiskey . . . and Buttermilk?!

It may sound odd, but laughter is an essential element in the military. Of course, during the Civil War just like now, there existed various senses of humor. Some senior officers were definitely known for being grumpy pants while others … Continue reading

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Slowly But Surely!! My Elmer Ellsworth Cover

Not sure if a PDF will load here, but I got a copy of my cover for First Fallen yesterday–WOW! It looks stunning. I have blurbs from Chris M, of course, but also from Harry Smeltzer (, Damian Shiels, Sidney … Continue reading

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From the ECW Archives: Phil Kearny’s Death

Here’s a piece from a couple years ago on the September 1 anniversary of the death of Phil Kearny. It’s a description of the fallen Kearny by Pvt. John Haley of the 17th Maine. Haley’s entire memoir is a pleasure … Continue reading

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Weekly Whitman: “Year That Trembled and Reel’d Beneath Me”

Depending on how one views the American Civil War, this year could be one of many. I always think of it as 1862, the year the war got serious. Not that “before” was any picnic, but the issues with the Peninsula … Continue reading

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