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Watching Out for Grant?

I saw this set of road signs in Point Pleasant, Ohio, near the Ulysses S. Grant Birthplace. I have no idea if someone was making a joke or getting in a dig or what when they installed the signs, but … Continue reading

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A What If Case Study – Dunkirk 1940

Longtime readers of the blog may remember that I have often used the Dunkirk Campaign of 1940 to provide context and perspectives on events in the Civil War. I’ve blogged about Lord Gort, the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) commander, in … Continue reading

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The Normal School Company

The 44th New York has a distinctive castle-like monument on Gettysburg’s Little Round Top. Visitors can climb up and get a fine view of that sector, and it is a popular stop. It is visible from many parts of the … Continue reading

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The Parade for Gettysburg’s 75th

As another Gettysburg anniversary passes into the background, it is worth recalling that the battlefield’s history did not stop in 1863. I recently noticed something interesting about the 75th anniversary in 1938, specifically about the parade on July 2 by … Continue reading

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“Old Squeezer”

You know Traveler and Cincinnati and Little Sorrel and Rienzi…. (This is starting to sound like the beginning of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”….) But have you heard the tale of “Old Squeezer”? I came across this little gem the other … Continue reading

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What If More People Pondered “What If”?

For a community of people who pride themselves on loving to learn new things, I’m often surprised by the number of folks who have inherent prejudices against “What if” questions. I understand that a lot of people who ask “What … Continue reading

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Rudely Stamp’d: Emory Upton Featured in a New Play

Rudely Stamp’d, a roving theater company that produces history-themed plays, recently performed their newest production “Brothers at Odd’s: The Brisbane Story” in Batavia, NY, after Derek Maxfield was commissioned to write and direct the play for the Landmark Society of … Continue reading

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Descendants of Revolutionary Riders in the Civil War

Most Americans know the story of Paul Revere and William Dawes and their midnight ride on April 18-19, 1775, through the Massachusetts countryside (Revere’s role is better know than Dawes’). I would wager that most readers of this blog know … Continue reading

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Unpublished: A Trio of Favorite Unpublished Primary Sources from the Civil War and Beyond

When I saw Emerging Civil War would feature favorite unpublished primary sources of its members, three immediately came to mind. All hold special significance for me through different avenues, but only one is from the Civil War. Nevertheless, I thought … Continue reading

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Soldier or Pilgrim? “With A Bundle On His Shoulders”

Driving through the Maryland countryside last Sunday afternoon with some visiting friends from California, we had Union songs blasting from my phone. One of the “conscript songs” rotated up on the playlist. The lyrics begin with a lament that the … Continue reading

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