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“Battlefield Season”

“Battlefield season,” as I refer to early May, is always an especially busy time of year for me. Of the five battlefields I live among, the battles of Chancellorsville, Wilderness, and Spotsylvania all took place in early and mid-May, with … Continue reading

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McIlvaine’s Hotel: A Landmark on the Road to Gettysburg

For those who over the years have traveled to Gettysburg with some regularity, I’m sure that each of us have some landmarks that once passed let us know we really are on the way to Gettysburg. For myself, there’s still … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget to Check the Tax Records!

It’s Tax Day (though I hear usual deadlines are extended to Monday this year since the 15th is Friday). I hope by this hour you’ve finished the grim duty or got an extension…. I’ve been trying think of a good … Continue reading

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What do Ukraine and the Union Army Have in Common?

We’ve all seen them–the images pouring out of our TVs and computers of the Ukrainian refugees heading toward who-knows-where, carrying armfuls of cats. It seems as if Ukraine is an entire country of cat people! And well-behaved felines, too. I … Continue reading

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Being Wide Awake Today is Woke

Amazing, isn’t it, how everything old is new again? The worst insult or highest compliment in use today is probably some version of the word “woke.” Depending on which side one lands politically, it can mean either being sensitized to … Continue reading

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The Invasion of Ukraine and the U.S. Civil War: Comparative Watersheds in Portraying War

Like many others, I have been captivated by the February 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Ukrainian people’s desire and resolve to maintain their independence has been a source of inspiration for many and has stirred global actors, ranging from … Continue reading

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Remembering Pearl Harbor

On the 80th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor, we pause to remember the lost lives in that embattled port on December 7, 1941. Are there connections — ties to war — between the American Civil War and that … Continue reading

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Weekly Whitman In Review: October 31, 2021-October 31, 2020

The final installment of the Weekly Whitman is an index of all the poems, newspaper articles, movie-and-TV bits, and everything else I could think of to expand a reader’s ideas about a man who is considered by many to be … Continue reading

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A Close Brush With History—UWF History Trust’s Black Politicians Exhibit

It was recently announced in the last Emerging Civil War newsletter that I’ve taken on a part-time position with the University of West Florida’s Historic Trust in Pensacola, Florida. I had begun volunteering in their Collections Department – and diversifying … Continue reading

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Civil War History and the Dallas Museum of Art: Warriors Fight, The Homefront Mourns

“And his good wife will tear her cheeks in grief, his sons are orphans and he, soaking the soil red with his own blood, he rots away himself—more birds than women flocking round his body!” Homer, The Iliad It’s an … Continue reading

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