Sean Michael Chick

Sean Michael Chick graduated from University of New Orleans with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Communications and from Southeastern Louisiana University with a Master of Arts in History. He currently works in New Orleans, leading historic tours of his hometown. He is also a boardgame designer, concentrating on the period of Western warfare from 1685-1866. His main American Civil War research interests include Shiloh, the Army of Tennessee, New Orleans during the Civil War, P.G.T. Beauregard, the Petersburg Campaign, and Civil War tactics in relation to linear tactics from 1685-1866.



  • The Battle of Petersburg, June 15-18, 1864 (Potomac Books, 2015)
  • Grant’s Left Hook: The Bermuda Hundred Campaign, May 5-June 7, 1864 (Savas
    Beatie, 2021)
  • Dreams of Victory: P.G.T. Beauregard in the Civil War (Savas Beatie, 2022)
  • They Came Only to Die: The Battle of Nashville, December 15-16, 1864 (Savas
    Beatie, 2023)


  • “Opportunity Knocks” in America’s Civil War (2022)

Board Games

  • Across Four Oceans
  • Hold the Line: Frederick’s War
  • The Beast at the Gates: Drewry’s Bluff 1864
  • Hell in the Pacific: Plan Orange 1931 and 1935
  • Nine Years: The War of the Grand Alliance 1688-1697
  • Horse & Musket (game series)
  • Cruel Morning: Shiloh 1862
  • Pemberton & Grant: Vicksburg Campaign of 1863
  • All for the Regiment
  • Rally ‘Round the Flag: Battles of Perryville and Stones River
  • Cradle of Civilization