Civil War Regiments Series

Civil War Regiments Series Submission Guidelines and Criteria:

Savas Beatie LLC., in conjunction with Emerging Civil War, is excited to announce the re-launch of the highly regarded Civil War Regiments Series. This series offers a balanced and in-depth military approach to all theaters of the American Civil War in a lengthy and non-partisan format. CWR offers well researched, in-depth articles, with original maps, photos, endnotes, and indexes.

Each issue will have a variety of articles on a particular battle, campaign, or theme. Articles will consist of topics pertaining to, but not limited to, a military unit, leader, strategy, use of tactics, etc ., within the theme of each issue. Each article will be between 4,000 and 5,500 words in length, cited, and peer reviewed.

Submitting a Topic/Article for Consideration:

Please do not send your manuscript without first inquiring whether we are interested in viewing it. Instead, send us a brief query via e-mail, attaching it to your email as a Word file. The letter must include the following information:

  • Working article title;
  • Thesis paragraph no longer than 500 words (what your work is about, and how it differs from other published works on the subject);
  • A discussion of the sources you are using to produce your article;
  • A brief bio about you (education, background, and why you are qualified to write this article);
  • Any other pertinent details that may help us in the decision-making process.

All work must be original by the submitting author. Previously published work will NOT be accepted. Please be advised that we DO NOT pay for any article submissions.

Once you submit a topic for consideration:

Authors will receive an e-mail acknowledgment when their submission has been received. The submission will be considered by a peer-review panel. This review process may take up to four weeks. Once the process is complete, an editor will contact the author to report the outcome.

If your topic is accepted:

Our editors will contact you with the deadline for the article submission, as well as a style sheet which outlines all pertinent style information, including citation guidelines, rank abbreviations, etc….

Once you submit your article, our board will review the submission, which can take up to four weeks to complete. All critiques will be placed into one master draft and returned to the author. Authors will be responsible for making any necessary changes within a time frame specified by the editor. No work will be printed without the author’s and editor’s final approval. A final draft layout of the article will also be provided to the author prior to publication.

All work must be cited with Chicago Manual of Style endnotes.

Authors will also need to send the editors any pictures they deem necessary for the article. Photos must be at least 300 dots per inch (dpi) in grayscale, and preferably .tif format. Any photos or photo essays should set the scene, showing specific items of interest as they relate to your narrative. They must be accompanied with captions and photo credits. All photo sources should credited, even if the author took the photograph. It is the author’s responsibility to secure and pay for the rights to any images that require permissions.

Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Civil War Regiments Staff:

Publisher: Savas Beatie, LLC

Series Editor: Kristopher D. White

Assistant Editor: Ryan Quint

Review Board:

Christopher L. Kolakowski
Chris Mackowski, Ph.D.
David A. Powell
Theodore Savas
Eric J. Wittenberg

Email us at

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  3. Hey! Great to see Civil War Regiments revived. I own about half of the the first several volumes. Looking forward to the continuation.

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