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Question of the Week: 9/18-9/24/17

 September 17th was the 155th Anniversary of the Battle of Antietam. Do you have a favorite regiment or officer who fought at that battle?

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Voices of the Maryland Campaign: September 2, 1862

Remnants of the crushed Army of Virginia, together with pieces of the Army of the Potomac, came reeling into the defenses of Washington following the stinging defeat they just received on the plains of Manassas on August 30.  Fresh off … Continue reading

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Voices of the Maryland Campaign: Introduction

In my years of researching and writing about the Maryland Campaign, something about the campaign has always proved an enigma.  As anyone interested in the Civil War knows, there are a lot of sources to sift through–just look at any of … Continue reading

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155 Years Since The First Battle of Bull Run

Call it what you will – First Bull Run or First Manassas – it was the battle that awakened America to the horrors of Civil War. Until that hot July day, war had been parades, flashy uniforms, bad food, the … Continue reading

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